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Mar 1, 2009
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Thoughts on this photo would be appreciated! Trying to become photographically good!


My first impression is kinda neat but overly "hey look at this thing!" I would think you'd want it to take up a bit less of the frame so it would make it a bit less of an inventory shot and more a lonely desperate and decaying shot...

More of the wasteland of snow around it, perhaps... ideally with something else somewhere in the snow off to the side.

Still, good eye for seeing the object to begin with. It's neat and has potential.

I see what you mean and agree. The unfortunate thing was that the nearby items did not fit with the scene well so I was trying to keep them out.

I will keep your advise for the next similar photo like this.
It doesnt do much for me its just kinda there..................
Wow, I guess that old tractor was there for a loooong time if a tree grew into and then was cut down.

First thing I noticed is the image is very soft. Seems to have a white balance issue (seems to have a slight purple/lavender tint to it) and could use a little more contrast.

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