Winter pictures from today


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Mar 1, 2018
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Beautiful day. Cold, but the sun was finally out after not being visible for 7-10 days. I’ve lost track. Headed out over Tug Hill to take the girls skiing. The Tug gets lots of snow and almost always is a winter wonderland. The ice in these pictures is left over from last week and was only in the trees on the Tug. A lot of the ice disappeared today with the sunshine.



They certainly portray the frigid weather. No 1 is the pick for me.
These are some wonderful images. The first pic brings backs memories of when the fam. moved from Alabama to Indiana. When we got into IN. the scenery changed from dry to winter wonderland and everything was covered in ice. Living in AL., I'd never seen ice covered anything other than a popsicle stick and it looked extra amazing because the sun was hitting the frozen snow and ice just right to make it sparkle. You would've thought the angels had sprinkled tiny diamonds all over everything. I knew then I was going to like Indiana.

Pic #1 is my favorite. TFS.

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