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Jul 30, 2010
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Check out my editing and composition. CC welcome, and if anyone wants to edit the photo themselves, by all means, do it.

I am still working on the editing of the white background. Although its white I still do not like the way it came out.
background is ok, but I'd boost the contrast up on it a bit.
model composition is a bit awkward: (not in that order)
#1 profile body language w/o profile face... VERY angular for my flavor.
#2 even when she turned her face, it isn't supported by anything, just hangs up in the air - have her turn her shoulders a bit more to YOU - thus providing SUPPORT for the head.
#3 she turned her face, it isn't in profile view, not 2/3, or full face - which makes her LEFT side of the face bigger then it really is.
#4 CHIN DOWN - similar to #3 - huge chin (not pretty).

The good news is, if you choose to listen to me, you can't get worse :) but ONLY BETTER
Portrait Lighting
I often recommend David Ziser's blog. Digital ProTalk Although I don't agree w/ everything he advocates, I think his lighting and portrait composition are gorgeous.
I'd say when you master basics (they probably started during renaissance period), braking the rules (so to speak) would still produce quality image.

Good Luck :)
Not bad but I can clearly see where you've edited the background out or rather didn't. Light the background more and avoid having to edit it.
No requirement to light the background more, just correctly. Adjust your main light and exposure so that you can blow out the background. Two stops over should do it.

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