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    So I just got back from my very first WPPI a couple days ago, and I have to say that I got so much out of it! I am an emerging photographer/photographer student of age 19.
    I went into this trip knowing that I wanted more than anything to see Jasmine Star's platform class, which I did and it was amazing. I love Jasmine Star! Along with her though, I saw, found, and met a bunch of great photographers.. including Jesh De Rox, and Blair Phillips. For those of you who do not know Jesh and Blair's work check them out! They are definitely at the top of my favorite photographer list.
    I came home from WPPI with a bunch of ideas and inspiration. The main theme of the whole convention was just to be yourself. Your clients are hiring you for who you are, not as much for the pictures.
    I also bought myself a Shootsac and an R strap... I had never heard of the R strap before... but it is so great! It is a camera strap that has a cell phone pocket, plus a couple zippered pockets for things such as memory cards. VERY NICE!
    So hopefully I gave you a couple new photographers to look into, and possibly made you interested in WPPI - Wedding and Portrait Photographers International-. Anyone else go to WPPI? Who were your favorite speakers or photographers??
    Such a great experience!


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