Writing on the wall WW2 Prison cell.


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Aug 1, 2013
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Harwich UK
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Excuse the quality this is more about the emotions it conjures up.
Id like to find out who this gentleman was and what happened to him. $IMG_3500.JPG

Image top right
It's hard to read with the blue borders. Could you tell what it says after "Received ..."?
Can you reshoot this closer ( if you want us to read the top right ) and angle yourself so you dont show in the reflection?
This should make it easier to read.
Cropped each one and did some adjustments in photoshop to make the text readable.
Thanks for doing that.
The blue background is how they had it setup in the museum, not much light either, Im going to go back and try taking the picture again.
Well Blantyre is a wee town about 2.5 miles from where I live, RFN appears to be an abbreviation for rifleman. There's a museum in Edinburgh castle that lists every soldies death in WW2, that might be a place to start
Powerful stuff!

Consider using a polarizer to eliminate reflections when shooting objects behind glass.

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