WTB: Nikon D80


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Jan 9, 2013
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Hi ... My daughter says she wants to get into photography, DSLR's and I'm very excited about that as no one shares my love except maybe her. Problem is one day yes, another day no, she is a teenager :) so I don't want to invest too deeply in case she fizzles - I'm hoping that someone has a D80, it was my first DSLR so she is a bit accustomed to it. Like I said I'm looking on the cheap - if anyone has one they would like to sell please pm the price w/shipping to 11590 I've been looking on eBay but I rather get on​e from photographers as they normally take good care of their equipment. Thanks Ron
I've got a D60 for sale.............
I'm not familiar with any DSLR's before the D80 - Are they similar? I thought D80 as she was use to using mine, I should have kept it as I really liked it.
Have a look at this youtube video.

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Thanks for the vid Tinderbox much appreciated - the focus motor is a necessity so she will have access to all my lenses. Not sure what the price difference is between the two of them but it seems like the price of a D80 these days ranges from $150 to $250 on eBay so it's fairly inexpensive. So if I can get one from one of the forums in that range all will be well.

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