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Jan 3, 2009
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Hey everyone, just wondering how vulnerable my camera is to water; rain ( obviously I wouldn't use it ), light sprinkling, snow, random droplets from splashing, or even fog? Tried looking this topic up and read somewhere that people should even be hesitant to take it out when it's foggy, how real of a concern is that?
Fog you should be ok, but it's not weather sealed so if it's belting down with rain it's probably a bad thing for it. I'd expect a light shower to be not much of an issue although trying to keep it dry as best you can is good advice.
Before I purchased my 40 I read on Amazon's user reviews that several individuals had issues with moisture and received a fatal error message (even those that had not exposed it to rain).

I am not sure if the 450 is any different but I suppose it is safe to say that you should keep it out of the rain/snow without some sort of body protecting equipment, but I can't imagine fog would be a huge issue.

Btw I found the name of this post slightly amusing for some reason...
First, make sure that you camera is covered under you home insurance. Then don't be afraid to take out your camera to get a great shot, unless it's really coming down.

I have 20D cameras. They are a step up from the Rebels but still not weather sealed at all. I was in the rain forests of Costa Rica when I got caught in a torrential downpour with my camera and without my camera bag. I couldn't even protect the camera part of the time because I was zip lining from tree to tree. Basically, the camera got soaked. Shortly after, the LCD screen was fogged up from the inside!

The camera didn't miss a beat. I didn't shoot much when it was actually raining, but on the way down the mountain, I got some great shots. The screen dried out in a couple days and it's been working fine since (and that was three years ago.)

I don't recommend getting your camera wet and other people may not be a lucky as I was...but don't be afraid to use the thing.

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