Yelling At Strangers


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Sep 14, 2009
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Way up North in Michigan
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Sometimes, they just don't seem to care...


Maybe just my overactive imagination, but it looked like this fire plug was yelling at the plant while gesturing wildly with its 'arms and hands'.

Or maybe it's "take me to your leader"?

Maybe it reminds you of something? Think up a caption for it!

I don't have a caption for it, but I do agree it is quite animated. Thanks for the smile!
"Would you sit your ass down...... please."
Sorry, I can't think of a caption but I like what you found.
"What's the matter, never seen a fire hydrant in the middle of a field before?!"
It makes me think of a story like this:

It goes to meet a nice little flower, but then barfs water all over it's face...and even tho barfing is a very rude thing to do on someone's face - it's nice cuz he watered the pretty flower :D

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