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    Had to hide under the entrance-way overhang to keep the camera out of the rain. Therefore, this one's severely cropped.

    ISO 125, manual everything, handheld, IS on, 0.3sec at f/4.

    Hand held at my waist, generally aiming with my navel :)lol:), pressing shutter with thumb. Had the drive in 'squirt' mode to increase the odds of actually capturing something. One frame out of close to one hundred came out decently.


    What are folks' thoughts regarding cloning out that residual evergreen at the bottom left? Part of me thinks it helps to anchor the composition, and part of me thinks it's just distracting.

    The part of me which thought it distracting won. I cloned it out. Then over at deviantART I deleted that image and uploaded the revised one.

    This thread hadn't yet realised that the link was gone, but I substituted the revised version anyway.

    This was it with the evergreen.


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