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Mar 12, 2010
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Your Opinions! Which to print? =)

LOL thanks for letting me know, Schwetty:lmao:

Trying this again... ;)

I can very rarely ever get a picture of my *OWN* children that I'm happy with. Multi-tasking as mommy and photographer at the same time is admittedly not something I've mastered:lol:

That's why, to date, I have not printed a single picture I've taken of my own kids! Sad, right? I have some prints hanging in the living room taken last year by my good friend who is a MUCH better photographer than me, and I love them. But it's time to get some more current I've set out to really concentrate on my own children a bit.

I had two from today of my "middle children" that I think I'm really happy with and would like to actually hang in our home. Next I'll focus on my youngest and oldest...but for today this is progress:blushing:

I think I really love the black and whites of these..but what do you think? Would you print the color versions, or the B&W?

Oh, and C&C is always appreciated! Don't worry about offending, even though these are pictures of my own kids. I value any and all input and will do my best to take your thoughts into consideration. Thanks for taking the time to view.

1) My four year old with his "ducky blanket" that he's had since birth. He loves to wrap himself up in it, and so this shot really shows him how I will remember this age most =)





2) My two year old. Her sincere, carefree smile..this one melts my heart, even though there isn't any eye contact. It's just "her" to me:D





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heh heh he..I looked at the other thread, and even with the :) at the end, the word "print" at the end of the thread killed it!!!

I would say the first images, of the boy. The girl's gaze is so far off to the left that it's distracting. THe girl's photos look, well, unstudied, let's say... usually a sucker for B&W but the tones in these are soft and wonderful.


im with derrel on the girl. i would see if you could get another nice shot of know her best, and you said this captures her, so if its a go for you, i say do both in color.
flip a coin and do both the same LOL
Thanks everyone for the feedback! I always have a lot of issues getting color right, so I'm really excited to hear that you like the tones in these, thank you!:cheer:'re absolutely right about her gaze being too far left. I know it..I saw it.. but I just loved her expression so much, "mommy goggles" trump critical photographer-in-training on this one :lol: I may try a re-shoot (it's not as if she's difficult to reach lol). Better composition would really help this. Do you think portrait orientation was still the right choice, at least?
Yes, both of these are fine as verticals. I know what you mean about the mommy-goggles on the shot of your DD...she's such a little cutie pie, and the smile is in her eyes and her's a real smile! That hair over her eye is distracting too, and one thing that bothers me about the shot of your daughter is the apparent perspective distortion caused by being so,so close to her with a relatively short focal length lens; her closer eye looks larger than her farther eye, and to me, that looks bad. It actually kind of bugs me...

While the shot of your daughter is cute, it's just not a long-term, wall-hanger type of'll eventually drive you crazy to look at it and see the gaze looking off to the side...your son and his ducky bankie...awwww,so cute! My brother had "blue bankie" for many years...until it was in shreds...reminded me of the Matthew Broderick character in that movie with Uma Thurman and Nathan Lane...your son's eyes are both the same distance from the camera, so they maintain their size similarity on-film.
Just for fun.. here are a couple more. I need to share more of my own kids, it feels relaxing compared to the pressure I've been putting on myself lately. That, and I am a bit biased towards the subjects ;)

My oldest with his little brother on the first day of school:


The baby!


My original "baby"

My very patient amazing husband, outside with our stray "adopted baby" =)

I prefer the color and you have adorable children.

A very beautiful family!

Thank you! I always get comments like "oh they're so cute, but you must have your hands full!" So I reach forward, look at my hands, and reply "well..I've still got at least two hands empty.. so not full yet!" :mrgreen:

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