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Jun 20, 2008
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I currently use a Sansa Sandisk. I like it, but its getting old and I want to get a new one.

I don't want an iPod cuz I cant stand the thought of having to upload my music somewhere, only to download it back to my player. With the SanDisk, you just drag/drop.

I have been looking at the Zunes. It seems they have a ton of storage for the price. Has anyone used them?

Any good? Do you need to upload to a website like iPod, or just drag/drop like Sansa?

what are you on about???

I have an iPod and you don't upload music to anywhere!! you just run iTunes and it copies the music to the pod.
Why wont you stay with your Sansa? What's wrong with it? Is it the one with the expansion slot? If so you can buy a miniSD and there you go. You have more storage. And I think the ZUnes are also drag and drop but you can use their software or WMP to sync, just like every other MP3 Player.
I have to say though that I hate the itunes program - way too much automation for my liking - its always trying to do its own thing!
after 30 mins with my sisters computer I almost gave up with it - just too much bother. However I have not invested in a music player in some time but are Zune not the Creative line? (creative were good with soundcards - but since Vista they appear to have rather given up and gone for the handheld music market instead)
ahh it must be Zen from Creative then
yes Zen is creative and Zune is MS (because MS likes to copy other companies)
I don't stay with the Sansa because I have outgrown its size limit. Also, the knobby thing has gotten uber-sensitive and I hate the voice record button where it is.

I loved the Sansa, don't get me wrong. I would get another in a heart beat, but the capacity of the Zunes made me blink twice. So I ask if they are any good here, or just cheap marketed crap.
Zune is MS (because MS likes to copy other companies)


I hope you are not under the impression that Apple invented the MP3 player.

I own a 120GB Zune and use it daily. I have also owned iPods and a couple Samsung players (these things flew under the radar but were ahead of their time IMO).

The Zune is solidly built with a very friendly interface. Side by Side with a comparable iPod it beats it in most categorys but I do not shop specs for something like this, I go with what works best for me. The screen is large and bright, the sound quality is good, it supports many formats of music plus has video playback, podcast support, games, wireless syncing and an FM tuner. One feature I really enjoy when listening to FM is being able to tag a song you like and then purchase it from the online store.

The Zune software has some cool features that make finding new music fun and interesting like Mixview that will show albums, artists and songs related to the track you are listening to. The Podcast support is excellent and I have far more content than I could ever use standing by at any time.

The things I do not like about it, are lack of drag and drop without a reg hack, battery life when playing video and the Love, Hate, neutral rating system for songs in the software. You give it a heart, a broken heart or no rating. I feel should be expanded.

The size, at 120GB, is just ludicrous. I have loaded this thing up with tons of music, videos and audio and video podcasts and hardly touched the space.
I'm sorry... how is MS coping the Zen? they aren't even close! haha I have owned a Zen Micro 4GB and 5GB both were total junk and spent more time in a box going back and forth between me and Creative labs... my friend also had a Zen Micro... same deal! the head phone jack got messed up on a 3 of them, then the power button slider didnt work on him and it woudlnt turn off, total junk and a total waste of money IMO.

Zune on the other hand is a VERY solid well build Mp3 player. the only issue I have seen them have was the leap year BS freeze up where just about every 30GB Zune crashed and froze up because the internal clock driver... NOT MADE BY MS, was a piece of crap lol basically the fix.... wait 14 hours and it would fix itself... everyone that had one was freaking out and buying a $300 I-Pod and then regreating it cuz it fixed itself like they were told lol it was PRICELESS. But anyways, I have had my zune 30GB which you can't get anymore for about 2 years now. I take it everywhere, including snowboarding, I fall and its perfectly fine. I know there 30GB or the "bricks" as some call them are very well built, and I hear the 80GB and 120GB ones are well built as well. If you dont need a ton of storage just get the 8GB model, also high quality. I coudlnt be happier with my Zune and would NEVER trade it for a crappy I-Pod :) everyone has a I-pod, be different get a Zune, you will love it.
I meant with the name lol. Zen and Zune sound really similar lol. O and don't worry, I use Windows and have a WinMo phone lol. Unfortunetley I'm an MS fan boy lol.
Well, I've had an iPod since the 40GB g3 was the best one you could get. I was using iTunes before that, because I find it's the best way to keep my library organized (All those automatic things...just turn them off and do it yourself!)

Problem is, now I'm locked into iPods, because I've spent probably 40 hours organizing, labelling, etc. my iTunes library, and really don't want to do it again! (Not to mention I have a ton of music in Apple Lossless now...)

The Zune software has come a long way, and is really good now, and spec for spec, the Zune thrashes the new iPods. Slightly bigger, but not noticeably so, and it has a bigger screen. It has WiFi, wireless sync, sharing, and store, FM tuner linked to the store, higher resolution video out, and an unlimited download subscription service. Not to mention that nearly every audiophile site talks about the Zune's significantly better DAC and amplifier. If I were buying my first player right now, and not very much locked in iTunes, it would be a Zune.
Thank you all for the replies. It is good to know that the Zune is a legitimate mp3 player. Now I have to decide between the Zune and the Sansa View.

Thanks again.
One of my biggest problems with the newer players is the inability to organize your music on your terms. Dont deal with itunes, dont deal with the zune software. Also, you might want to find a player that can act as an external harddrive as well. Your paying for the space to hold the music, you should get to say what goes in that space.

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