1. K

    Photography contract, how to word or should I go with letter of engagement

    Hi, I’m bringing on a jewelry store as my “first” commercial photography contract. They already agreed to a price per item so we are good there. I’m only taking pictures for their website, they won’t be used for advertising that is not organic. I am going to be invoicing them weekly for whatever...
  2. W

    How to start a travel / landscape career?

    Hi everyone, I'm Wayne and I'm new here. I'm from Canada, now living in Hong Kong. I just signed up here and I come to you all because I've put off for too many years something I've always wanted to do, not just a career but the dream. I want to be a travel / landscape photographer and I'm not...
  3. alex_ethridge

    Aspiring professional seeking guidance for the lows in photo business!

    Hey there! I'm Alex, and I was born in a photography family. My Grandmother was a photographer, and my mother is a professional photographer. I helped my mother a while and decided to branch off on my own. She was a Nikon girl and I wanted to be different, so I went with Canon. So far, I have...
  4. M

    Stock photography tips

    Hi, I have been in stock photography for about 4 years and wanted to share some tips on how to make income from this sort of side-business. I am a contributor of 6 stock agencies: Shutterstock: Sell photos, footage clips, illustrations & vectors | Shutterstock Fotolia: Fotolia - Sell and buy...
  5. M

    Print/DIGITAL for my photography business.

    Hello everyone! (sorry if I am not in the right thread) So I am in the process of opening up my a studio where I will be designing and also running my photography business. What I am struggling with is how to offer prints if I do not print onsite? I know it may sound silly, but I am lost...
  6. shutterbabe86

    Help with how many photos I give clients!

    I have a problem! I have so much trouble cutting down the pics I give to my clients after a regular family or senior shoot. I take a lot of lifestyle type photos when shooting and there end up being so many awesome shots that I know *I* would want if it were my family, so instead of giving the...
  7. GreggS

    Mat Show Kits

    Does anyone have a recommendation for economical, reputable, and quality vendors for mat show kits (mat board, backing, bags). Best I can find online at the moment is Redimat, but curious if anyone has better options.
  8. H

    Meet HouseLens ArtistPro

    We're excited to be the newest supporting vendor for thePhotoForum! HouseLens ArtistPro is a set of field-tested business management tools for professional real estate photographers. With just one easy-to-use platform, you can: schedule shoots natively host and deliver photos, video, AND 3D...
  9. MaddieDPhotography


    Hello All! My name is Madison and I am the owner and photographer at Maddie D Photography in Cincinnati. I joined this forum because I want tips on how to make my business grow and just some tips on my work. I am very excited to be apart of this site!
  10. G

    need help for a corporate shot

    Hi, I would like to know if somebody could help me by giving me some tips on how to take a photo like this (see attached file) I have to take few shots like that for my work and I'm used to take corporate portrait on a white backgroud. I Have a nikon D40x and I usually work with 2 flash on...
  11. Anthonymickphoto

    Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers

    Marketing seems to be the most important part of running a photography business (a mediocre photographer can make much better business than a talented photographer with no marketing skills). I've tried many things including: facebook ads (found it to be very low return), Google ads (Some...
  12. A

    What kind of camera do professional photographers use?

    I'm new and wasn't sure exactly what forum I should post this in. I've gone to school for photography and I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera and a 18-55mm lens. I am trying to launch my own photography business and need to upgrade my camera. I mostly do outdoor portraits of people...
  13. A

    What kind of cameras do professional photographers use?

    I've gone to school for photography and I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera and a 18-55mm lens. I am trying to launch my own photography business and need to upgrade my camera. I mostly do outdoor portraits of people. What kind of camera would I use for a professional business? I...
  14. L

    First time shooting products, pricing?

    hello everyone! I came here to get an opinion from someone who may be experienced in this area. A jewelry company has come to me asking if I would take pictures of their products and they would pay me for it. I have worked with this company in the past for free just to test things out, and they...
  15. M

    Nature Photography Collection 20,000+ - $45000

    Feathered Fotos Avian and Nature Photography archives. 20,000+ ultra high quality images of North American birds and nature! This is a once in a lifetime chance to own the rights to some of the highest quality images of birds on the market today. Many of these images have been published in...
  16. NickArt

    Possibly a new way to make money on your existing photo shoots.

    What if someone, somewhere around the world is looking for a photo that's very similar to what you are about to shoot. Between your particular style and specialty, your subject matter, locations, gear, setup and the timing of your shoot, you might be in a unique position to take those photos for...
  17. valeriemartinphotography

    Business Name

    Hi All - I have been an aspiring pet photographer for some time now and have noticed that someone else has the same business name Valérie Martin Photography (which is my full name). The only difference is I put an accent on the "e" in my name since I am French. I am wondering if I would down the...
  18. B

    Unsure of Pricing for photographing a business

    My manager knows I have my own photography business that is just starting out, so he asked me if I would be interested in taking photos of the gym I work at. I've done and have pricing for kids/family photography, but taking photos for a business is something new to me. We have 2 locations and...
  19. Hayley Waldo

    Hello from Oklahoma City, OK!

    Hello! My name is Hayley and I'm VERY new to the photography forum we will see how this goes!! I am a portrait photographer in Oklahoma City. I love to travel, eat (a lot), sing in the car, doodle, hand letter, cook, hang out with my brother and look at wedding photography...all the...