1. enezdez

    "Mom's Diner..."

    GFX 50R f/13.0 ISO 100 1/125 Sec. GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR 63mm Equivalent NISI Black Mist Filter 1/8 (Processed In LR & PS) Thanks For Looking. Cheers, Enezdez
  2. enezdez

    Just A Few More Dahlias

    "Backlit Red Dahlia ..." D850 f/8.0 ISO 100 1/400 Sec. 105 mm - f/2.8G 105 mm (Processed In LR & PS) "Natures Colors..." D850 f/8.0 ISO 400 1/400 Sec. 105 mm - f/2.8G 105 mm (Processed In LR & PS) "Precious..." D850 f/8.0 ISO 400 1/400 Sec. 105 mm - f/2.8G 105 mm (Processed In...
  3. Mika Hawley

    Print Viewing Lighting

    Hey all! Over lockdown, unable to access my community darkroom, I built out my own in my bathroom. Super happy with how it’s worked out for me, and so glad to have the resources on this site to aid the process! I decided recently to foray into color printing for the first time (RA-4) and it’s...
  4. A

    How to achieve so strong vintage/retro color effect, any presets or ideas?

    Interested about Your attitude to achieving at least some parts of this old photo effect?
  5. J

    What makes these photos so good?

    I found some old slide photographs my father took back in the late 1970s to early 1980s. I love the rich color in them and I am trying to figure out why they look so good. He used Kodachrome slide film, I believe, so that is part of why the color is so good. Is there something else? Did he...
  6. P

    How to achieve 60s color photography look?

    Hello! I'm a film photographer looking to recreate the look of early color photography from the 50s/60s The best way to describe it is high contrast, grainy, and colorful. Album covers from the 50s (attached) have this look. Is this technicolor? (1950's Album Covers) How can it be recreated...
  7. G

    Colors of the subject too intense?

    This is a work of mine I photographed. I tried to give life to the subject by showing intense colors. Can you please answer this for me? Does the artwork look good with those intense colors or are they too intense for it to look good? I'm an amateur with an amateur camera. I probably didn't...
  8. mdsphotography

    C&C and Vote on which on you like the best, if any, and why?

    Greetings, The following four photos are all of the same still life entitled: "The Chips are Down". Each has been edited in different ways and manners and I like each in their own way. As an amateur photographer I like and appreciate others thoughts and C&C. Thus this Poll. Thanks in advance...
  9. F

    Bed Sheets vs. Muslin for Backdrops

    Hello, I've got a few muslin backdrops for my studio but am in need of a variety of colored ones. I can't really afford to drop 100$ plus on multiple backdrops, so I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using things like colored bed sheets, or other cheaper materials for colored...
  10. nicolasnico

    Lightroom: graduated filters

    hi everyone, in Lightroom, when you use the graduated filter, you can use that image overlay color that allows you to see where the effect is applied. Now, I could go to 'color' and add a color, then take it out. But I've heard there's another option to go back and forth to see with/without...
  11. F

    How do you ensure your color is correct for printing?

    As I typically work on the printing and manufacturing side of the business, I am wondering how you, as a professional photographer, ensure that your colors are perfect for printing? What types of questions do you ask your print house? Which type of color system(s) do you follow? How do you...
  12. r0r5ch4ch

    A golden walk

    Hi, one of the beautiful churches of Puebla/Mexico. This is located near Zocalo. A golden walk by Tobias Zimmermann, auf Flickr
  13. B

    Setting exposure with dark and light products (same props)

    I'd be super grateful if you have any advice on getting the exposure right IN the camera so that I have less processing to do in Lightroom. Here are my questions with more info below: How do I get consistent color and exposure when there are different color products that are affecting the...
  14. D

    Color patterns in photo

    Hello Experts, I have an old picture of my grandpa on my laptop. It was all right when I saved it. Today I opened the picture and found the colour patterns over it. I exactly do not know the reason of these spots. I want to make it same as before.
  15. C

    WTB 35mm color film from 1963

    This is a total shot in the dark but I thought I might as well try. I am looking for 35mm color film (regular, not for slides) that expired in the year 1963 for a project using exclusively 1960s film. Willing to negotiate price.
  16. nicolasnico

    Screen calibration (Spyder5)???

    Hi there, I have a AOC screen i2769VM, calibrated today with Spyder5 Elite. Yet, I'm not satisfied of the result yet. It's not bad, but colors looks maybe a bit yellowish (reddish), and it seems too dark. Now, my picture looks better on my Android screen. Any advice, feedback, thought...
  17. Ashbridges Bay Toronto Canada Sunrise No 4

    Ashbridges Bay Toronto Canada Sunrise No 4

    From a series of color photos of mornings spent enjoying the sunrise at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto Canada. Original photography using a Canon EOS T1i body. Hand painted in Photoshop. Brian Carson The Learning Curve Photography
  18. E

    shooting Color and B&W simultaneously

    Hi all, First time here. Just got a D7000 and someone told me I could set the camera to shoot both Color & BW at the same time(camera will produce two pictures) but I cannot figure out how to set this up. Do I need to use both SD slots and then assign instructions for each? Thank in advance for...
  19. C

    Stacking color lens filters for aerochrome 35mm film

    I'm taking a last minute trip to Yosemite and I have some aerochrome type film and I was unable to get a true yellow and orange filter to get the proper effects but I do have an 85a and 85b filter my question is if I stack these two filters will I have a true orange or something close to it? I...
  20. redbourn

    Beef stew and mushrooms color problem

    Recently decided to go through all the photos that I have for my book in order to find out which ones are good enough and which ones I need to reshoot. This photo is kind of problematic because it's hard to see the mushrooms. But reshooting it wouldn't help because stewed beef and mushrooms are...