How do i create the following style


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Aug 5, 2013
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look into using off camera flash. it looks like a nightclub with added flash, maybe color adjusted with a filter.
I clicked around on three of the portfolios on the site: whoever does their image processing is very capable. There is not just one look...the site has many,many images that have been processed by a very capable person or persons. For the beginner, I think using Lightroom and multiple presets is going to be the easiest way to get an approximation of some of the various looks. In Photoshop, you need to really,truly understand every single possible processing control that might be used and in what combination, to create a look; in Lightroom, you can go online and look around and find Lightroom presets which will give you the basic shifts that create various looks; once you have a set of presets installed, open an image in the Develop module,a and then slide the mouse down the list of presets and once you see a possible match, click on it, and make some rough corrections, see if that'll look okay.

I am basing this on the supposition that you are not a Photoshop expert...Lightroom will be much easier for you to use if you want to process images with strong, distinctive "looks", and do it fast, and with the ability to pre-check the suitability of the preset to the source image.

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