1. C

    Need help in finding/identifying camera/something similar

    Hi there! I'm a photographer but wanted to have a bit of fun in my personal life and get some nice authentic looking photos like the ones I used to have when I was younger, I was hoping to find this camera in the picture or something similar. Have searched most of Kodak and old sony and canon...
  2. D

    8mm to digital using smartphone

    I am transferring 8mm to digital using my Galaxy A10. Can anyone tell me the best android software I could use. I would like to slow down the frame rate to 12/14fps and I am not clear if I should set the anti-banding to off. Any suggestion other then “you can't do it” would be greatly appreciated.
  3. NGH

    Following a rabbit hole to see how far will it go ...what is "real"?

    Not positive this is the right place for this, considered 'The Coffee House' but that seems a little too scary a place for a newbie like me. I pondered this week while eating my turkey wrap about the most recent raft of camera phone technology. I was thinking about how real things have to be...
  4. P

    becoming an expert photographer?

    when you understand the fundamental /technical aspect of photography, composing and lighting, what else do you need to know in order to say you're an expert photographer? can anyone provide an image of such caliber and explain what make it better than another in comparison?
  5. NGH

    My wife with my daughter just after she was born 16 weeks ago today

  6. NGH

    Good morning!

    Don't know why I never joined this site before but here I am now. I'm a an amateur of about 30 years since getting my first SLR (a brick of a Zenit). I recent years I have become a bit of a collector mostly using Voigtländers due to a hand me down from my father. I use both film and digital...
  7. petrochemist

    Stitching adapters for 5x4

    I've long been tempted to get one of the sliding adapters (made by Fotodiox & others) to use one of my digital camera on one of my 5x4 monorail, but I've heard of issues: Vignetting from the cameras mirror box An inability to focus to infinity with shorter focal lengths The area covered is...
  8. R

    Mario Testino lighting

    Hi guys! I'm new here. Glad to have found the forum. I was wondering if you could help me figure out the technical part behind this shoot:
  9. mdmosta319

    Phone camera vs Digital Camera Photo Quality

    Hello, I like to travel and capture photos. But as I am a solo traveler, I can't take my DSLR everywhere. So I have two option - Samsung S6 or Moto G5 or Xioami - Samsung wB35F or related simple point and shoot cam, My question is - Do WB53F or Those tiny sensor PnS cam give same result...
  10. LouisRG

    I have no idea what I'm doing...

    I recently started photography as a hobby - well, I would have had I been able to take acceptable photos. I've recently inherited an Olympus E-300 with 2 lenses: Olympus Zuiko Digital 14-45mm, and a 70-300mm one which I've been told is capable of 600x zoom. As a novice, all this kit sat in my...
  11. T

    Digital photo album?

    Hi, I didn't see any recent relevant threads. I'm looking for a way to organize and store my digital photos. I think hosting the program on my local computer instead of the cloud would be better for permanent storage, but ability to share would also be great. It doesn't need lots of features...
  12. M

    Adapter for canon

    hello fellow photographers! I'm in search of the correct adapter for my 50mm lens to switch over from my film camera to my digital one. The lens is canon and my digital camera is a canon rebel T5. Any suggestions would be great!
  13. C

    "Digital" CPL filters

    I'm a SLR user and I'm looking into CPL's and I'm wondering if there's any difference between a labeled "Digital CPL" and just a plain non labeled one?
  14. purpleroan

    Digital File Size/Resolution

    Hey everyone! I'll keep it short and sweet...when selling a digital file to a client, how large should it be? Dimensions/resolution? Also, what do you suggest as far as pricing goes? Looking for quick answers! Thanks so much.
  15. Reuben1985

    help: which digital camera should I get

    hello guys, ( TIP: If you wanna save time, just read the red part!) i'm new here, glad i found this awesome forum i am going to italy/germany and austria next month for 24 days, this is a vacation i get one each 2-3 years, and i got sick of taking pictures from my phone i don't really know...
  16. HoangDuy


    Silk - Alessandro Baricco is one of my favourite book. I was in love with a Japanese women in that book. With no Asia eyes. Hope you like it.
  17. M

    Storing Digital Files

    My Macbook simply does not have the space to store all of my photos. I have bought an external hard drive to move photos there once I am done with them in order to free up space, but I have multiple concerns about this process. First off, I can only copy the files to the hard drive, I cannot...
  18. FotoRave6

    Blowing up an image to y X 24ft. (yes Feet)

    I am looking to get a digital image printed onto fabric in the size y x 24ft. y= correct aspect ratio (in ft). What I do not want is the image to become pixelated so I want to maintain 300dpi or better. Is this possible and/ or what do I have to do to the image to maintain clarity?