1. J

    Enlarger for a Novice-Intermediate Photographer's Bathroom Darkroom

    Hey all, I am not into photography AT ALL - most I've ever done is take very casual pics on my iPhone. My wife is really into film photography (mostly black and white, but dabbles in color here and there) and has been wanting a dark room at home for quite some time. We just moved into a new...
  2. S

    Durst L1200 METAL PLATES CLS501 Laborator 1200

    Are these middle plates necessary to the function of the Durst Laborator 1200? I have two models of Durst L1200, one has the middle plates and the other recently bought, does not Does this affect anything with the enlarger?
  3. B

    Minolta Photo Enlarger and Color Analyzer

    Hello! Got an old Minolta photo enlarger with color analyzer. I have no idea how it works, but bought it because it looked very cool. Anyway, its just been sitting collecting dust for a year. Someone mentioned this forum and said either someone would be interested in buying it, or at least tell...
  4. G

    Darkroom Equipment for Sale

    Hello. Although this is my first post on this forum, it's not quite as shameless as it might seem. I have an enlarger and associated darkroom equipment that I would like to see go to a good home. The enlarger is a Vivitar 356 colour enlarger that I bought nearly new a long time ago. I used it at...
  5. J

    First Enlarger

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy my first enlarger. I live in South Africa, and the options on second-hand websites seem limited (and expensive compared to what I can find on forums), so I need advice. There are three that I am quite interested in. My first choice is a Meopta Opemus III (almost...
  6. I

    Setting up enlager

    Hi. I have a Durst 707 colour enlarger that I need to connect to a timer. The cable coming from the enlarger has two wires inside it. One black one white. I've never seen this before. Not the standard blue/brown. The cable that connects to the timer has a two prong socket. This cable is...
  7. E

    Hi Thanks for having me on here!

    I have a question straight away but I should give a little background first. I have inherited my father's Durst m700 enlarger with a colour head and various other equipment. I used to help him develop enlarged prints and film in the 70s. He won a Minolta competition once and was a member of the...
  8. Ted Vieira

    Setting Up a Durst M 370 Color Enlarger

    Hey, I'm completely new to darkroom printing. I acquired a Durst M 370 and a variety of other darkroom supplies including a GraLab timer and a Durst TRA 305N transformer. My question is, in what order do I connect these three items? I'm in the US, is the transformer necessary or can I just go...
  9. B

    1950s - 1960s Enlarger?

    Hey folks, I'm new here and initially posted this to the Photography Equipment & Products forum, but this looks like a more appropriate place. I'm trying to identify the piece of equipment in this photo and I'm not having much luck. It looks like an enlarger, maybe, but the head is so squat and...
  10. B

    1950s - 1960s Enlarger?

    Hey folks, I'm trying to identify the piece of equipment in this photo and I'm not having much luck. It looks like an enlarger, maybe, but the head is so squat and the base has a lot more going on, compared to most examples out there. It has this real "Space Age" vibe, doesn't it? Anyone have...
  11. ogorriz

    Question about Meopta Opemus 6a Enlarger

    Hello. I am building my own lab at home again, after 20 years away from film. A good friend gave me a Meopta 6a head without the column, and now I need to buy it separately, something that seems quite difficult. Found online a Meopta 5 enlarger very cheap (15€) one hour by car from home. The...
  12. L

    Question about Rollei 6x7CXL

    I was online reading various postings. Saw one that states that the Rollie 6x7 CXL and Omega LPL 670MXL are the same enlarger and can take or use the same equipment? Is this true? I have a Rollie. I am looking for a 4x5 negative carrier. Omega supplies are much easier to find then Rollei...
  13. K

    Building my own darkroom questions!

    Hi! I'm a commercial photographer and have been out of the darkroom for 8 years but I have inherited a Beseler 45mxII enlarger and I am very excited to finally get back to the analog world. But my darkroom knowledge is a bit rusty. The enlarger did not come with an enlarger lens, lensboard...
  14. Dreaminginanalogue

    New to the darkroom - Info on the Automega D3 enlarger

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased all the dark room equipment needed to have a fully set up dark room. I bought it all second hand and locally. They said they haven't used in around 7 years but it was working amazingly when they were using it. In the package was the Automega D3 Enlarger (and...
  15. M

    Free - Omega D2's? COMPLETE

    MOD EDIT Repeat thread - original thread with photos here FREE - Omega D2's? COMPLETE ello, I listed this a few weeks ago and have attached additional photos. I have a 4x5 enlarger that I haven't used in years and would like to find it a new home. Actually, I have 2 of them and would like...
  16. jackcollings

    Enlargers, Lenses and Filters.

    Hi guys, Still very new to TPF and I am currently in the planning and gathering stages of building my darkroom! I have no idea what I am looking for when searching for the heart of the darkroom - the enlarger. What brands should I look out for? Which brands should I avoid? If developing 35mm...