1. Loving my Fashion Style

    Loving my Fashion Style

    Fashion Styles of a Young woman who is embracing the styles she wears
  2. Dreaming by The Water.jpeg

    Dreaming by The Water.jpeg

    Deep emotions of a young woman by the lake taking in the scenery and calmness of the water
  3. Aiyana.jpg


    A Gorgeous Young Woman Posing Outdoors Smiling in a Black and White Portrait
  4. D


    Photos from two separate test shoots that I've done with Loyuk. These two shoots were spread apart by about two weeks, so I figured they could be posted to the same thread. The first shoot was in a park near my home, whereas for the second shoot we drove a few hours South to get to the location...
  5. P

    Recreating that commercial look?

    . For example: Overview | Aaron Smith Photography All the exif data are in the jpg's, what gear and lens does this person use?. how does one learn to take shots like these but more gear towards fashion? is it possible to do this standalone? best,
  6. P

    What are some tips and tricks you can give me to take better fashion photography of myself by myself

    to post on blogs, social media. i want a well composed sharp shot every time and i feel like mounting a camera on tripod with remote might not get me the photo i want. having someone experience to take the shot for you would be ideal because of composition and having the eyes and of course...
  7. D

    Super quick & easy lighting set up

    Hello everyone! I’m a photographer who mostly focus on Concept Art, Fashion & Portraits. The studio is where I feel at home, I’ve decided to put my 6 years of studying and the knowledge that I’ve gained to put on YouTube. Here is a quick lighting set up ( for portraits ) that I did for a company.
  8. Bartley

    First time posting properly.

    Hi all, I'm a professional fashion photographer who's new to the site and I thought I'd share a photo from a recent shoot with you all. Nice to meet y'all. Bartley
  9. MariHarris

    Charme En Soie

    New shot! Please let me know what you think. :1247:
  10. C

    Pricing a studio photoshoot with clothing company(Help)

    Hello all I need some advice on pricing a 4 hour photo shoot for a local clothing company in Washington. All of the work I have completed so far has been mainly freelance and this is my opportunity to break in to product and fashion photography. I am currently building a studio for them in...
  11. P

    Photographic Technique Question - Dream Like Quality

    Hello! Does anyone know the photographic technique this photographer uses for her shoots? - elina kechicheva | Photographer The shots have vibrant but dulled colours and almost a misty haze. Very dream like. I have never been able to figure it out and I am in love the look! I think it...
  12. trinidadgonzalezsardi

    Working with begginer models - POSE!

    Hey guys! My question is: how do you direct a begginer model? What are your 'go to' poses? And what do you keep in mind when shooting portraits or any other photo with models? Thanks!
  13. michakac

    Flash, colours and gold NSFW (new photo)

    Hello again : ), Here are the results of my work with my friend Natalia Onyszkiewicz (her 1st time in the front of the camera). As you may guess (or not) - these aren't professional colour gels - I've used the cheapest materials found in the supermarket.
  14. E

    Product photography background - suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking to re-create the background shown in the two photos below. Obviously they are just shoes laid out on a concrete floor. However, unfortunately I don't have any indoor concrete floors at my home or work space. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to recreate...
  15. E

    Fashion catalogue photography - Tools needed?

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to photography so posting here in the hope of some personal advice from this fantastic community. The purpose of my photography endeavours are primarily to shoot some photographs for my clothing company. I have purchased a Nikon D3300 as my first DSLR and have...
  16. jamiebonline

    2 bodies 1 shoot

    hi all so i am not looking for advice here, i am just interested to know from people who shoot events like weddings or do portrait or fashion shoots, what your two cameras are, if indeed you take two camera bodies. are both necessarily the same model or same sensor size like full frame? are...
  17. wajdiphotography

    Last Fashion Project

  18. Ruth Ellen Brown

    Shoot Hijacking...

    Hi, I'm posting for an opinion on something that left me feeling quite disturbed the other day... Long story short, another photographer came to my shoot uninvited and shot every setup I had created. The shoot was for an extremely high profile client and my makeup artist cancelled at the...
  19. daisyish

    More photos for my blog...

    Hey everyone! Here are some more photos for my fashion blog. I edited the first four in Lightroom and the last one in both Lightroom and Photoshop. First time trying the sync feature in Lightroom! It worked really well. Any thoughts on coloring, composition, lighting, etc.? Again I didn't take...
  20. daisyish

    1st shot at lightroom

    Hey everyone! Usually I edit my photos with Photoshop, but whenever I do, I rarely get two photos to match. So I decided to give Lightroom a try. I've always avoided Lightroom because I thought the settings were too simplified. I still think this, but maybe it's because I haven't discovered the...