film developing

  1. rgnyc1992

    Blurry film camera pictures

    Hello everyone, I'm 29 and have been taking pictures (digital) for about 15 years. I recently purchased from eBay a Nikon FE and a Nikon AI 50mm f/2. I just received my scans from my first roll (Kodak GOLD 200) and i'm pretty disappointed in the output. Most of the picture are blurry / out of...
  2. H

    JOBO CPP2 Film Developer and print processor. Flawless condition!!! $850

    I’m selling my JOBO CPP2 film and print processor. It’s about as clean as it gets! I’m looking to get as close to $850 as I can for it. I’m also including a brand new box of tetenal Colortec chemicals for developing E6. I’m willing to bundle this with my CPA 2, a JOBO drum expert for...
  3. M

    Kodak Ultramax 400 - Green and Murky

    I've recently invested in a Canon EOS 50e film camera. I shot through my first roll of (fresh) Kodak Ultramax 400 on aperture priority, not using any exposure compensation, and got them developed and scanned by a third party. I'm disappointed with how my images (see below) have come out. They...
  4. S

    Expired ektachrome 100 in 1996

    Hello everyone, I am going to shoot with expired ektachrome films this weekend, which is intentional, and makes sense for the concept of my project. It expired in December 1996. I am expecting to do some or a lot of job with photoshop in terms of color balance. My only concern is...
  5. S

    Developing Film @ CVS

    I am warning you know, I went to CVS the other week to get some 35mm film developed, 24 exposures, on the box were i took the form to fill our for my film it said that it would take 7 days, and the price was abour $14, which is pretty good comparied to walgreens whose price is $12 for 3 weeks...