film developing

  1. N

    problem with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460

    Hi! so i just shot my friends with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460, but it turns very red like it's burnt? i used this roll before, sometimes the color turns nice but sometimes it's weirdly turns red. does anyone ever encounter this kind of problem?
  2. G

    What am I doing wrong?? Fuji Pro 400H

    I recently decided to go out and finish my box of Fuji 400H, and have got huge colour shifts to either cyan or magenta. Please can someone explain what I am doing wrong. I shot the roll at 200 iso/asa and metered with a Sekonic light meter, it was quite harsh lighting so was expecting sky to...
  3. rgnyc1992

    Blurry film camera pictures

    Hello everyone, I'm 29 and have been taking pictures (digital) for about 15 years. I recently purchased from eBay a Nikon FE and a Nikon AI 50mm f/2. I just received my scans from my first roll (Kodak GOLD 200) and i'm pretty disappointed in the output. Most of the picture are blurry / out of...
  4. H

    JOBO CPP2 Film Developer and print processor. Flawless condition!!! $850

    I’m selling my JOBO CPP2 film and print processor. It’s about as clean as it gets! I’m looking to get as close to $850 as I can for it. I’m also including a brand new box of tetenal Colortec chemicals for developing E6. I’m willing to bundle this with my CPA 2, a JOBO drum expert for...
  5. M

    Kodak Ultramax 400 - Green and Murky

    I've recently invested in a Canon EOS 50e film camera. I shot through my first roll of (fresh) Kodak Ultramax 400 on aperture priority, not using any exposure compensation, and got them developed and scanned by a third party. I'm disappointed with how my images (see below) have come out. They...
  6. S

    Expired ektachrome 100 in 1996

    Hello everyone, I am going to shoot with expired ektachrome films this weekend, which is intentional, and makes sense for the concept of my project. It expired in December 1996. I am expecting to do some or a lot of job with photoshop in terms of color balance. My only concern is...
  7. S

    Developing Film @ CVS

    I am warning you know, I went to CVS the other week to get some 35mm film developed, 24 exposures, on the box were i took the form to fill our for my film it said that it would take 7 days, and the price was abour $14, which is pretty good comparied to walgreens whose price is $12 for 3 weeks...