medium format

  1. A

    PLEASE HELP! Zenza Bronica SQA light leak issue

    I have been trying to troubleshoot some issues with my Bronica SQA. When the camera takes clean photos, they are gorgeous. Unfortunately I am having some random light leak issues that I cannot figure out. I have multiple images below as reference. The exteriors are all from the same roll of...
  2. R

    Issue with my Bronica Zenza ETRS - please help

    Recently I've run into some issues with my Bronica ETRS and the issue seems to be getting worse! I have 2 film backs and 3 lenses for this camera. I have been switching between B&W and colour with the 2 backs. Now that I've started processing my photos I can see there is some kind of exposure...
  3. C

    Rolleiflex 6002 "Property of Rollei"?

    Hey there. Just found a Rolleiflex 6002 on craigslist that was originally picked up at an estate sale from a deceased photographer. On the front of the camera, under the lens, it says "Service Equipment" and then under that "Property of Rollei". I have never seen anything like this on one of...
  4. Justin TW

    Help with guessing how old this film is.

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone might be able to inform me of the roughage of this film? I recently bought my first medium format camera and the lady gave me this roll of film with it. I know it's old, but I can't quite figure out how old. Or even if it's worth trying to shoot with...
  5. A

    Help! Problem with new autocord

    Hi, I’ve been trying to test out my newly acquired Minolta autocord and have run into a maybe major problem and am really unsure what the problem is. basically, I go to take a photo: compose, focus, click the shutter. Because the noise is different to other cameras I’ve used I think there’s...
  6. NGH

    Beach at sunset

    First attempt at posting to a gallery so here goes.... Shot this on a 1940 Voigtländer Bessa RF on Ilford Delta 100 (120)
  7. B

    Mamiya RZ67 shutter problem

    So the other day I received an as-is mamiya rz67 kit with the claim that all they did to test it was put a battery in it and try to fire the shutter. Shutter didn’t fire and that’s all the tried to do (no troubleshooting). So when I still don’t have a battery yet, but I first started testing by...
  8. Soocom1

    Back from a VERY LONG hiatus.. New (old ) Mamiya 645.

    OK so after a VERY LONG hiatus, I am back for a bit. Shooting a newly acquired mamiya 645 (pre 1000). Curious to how many 645 shooters in film there still are and what film are you getting. Its a tough road now to find it and not break the bank.
  9. shootfilm

    I need your feedback for my film exploring website

    Hey guys! I have been working on a web application the last couple of weeks which helps people, especially new to analog photography figuring out which film might be the best for them. The site will list all available films with the associated facts. Furthermore it will let you filter films...
  10. shootfilm

    I need your feedback: Analog Camera and Film Website/App

    Hey, film photography lovers! I need your help for an analog photography related side project of mine. I am a freelance web-developer and currently working on a website/web application that conveniently shows all available analog cameras out there and additionally provides detailed information...
  11. S

    Buying old film cameras (Used or New in Box)?

    Hello, I will be purchasing an RZ67 Pro ii Medium Format camera soon, now by no means is this camera "old old" but it certainly has been out of production for some time now. I recently read a thread on about the risk of purchasing old film cameras left in original packaging...
  12. P

    Mamiya Universal 65mm Lens Aperture Question

    Hi all, I just picked up a Mamiya 65mm for my Universal Press camera. When I set the aperture to wide open (f6.3) the blades in the lens do not open all the way, they appear to still be closed just a slight bit. I can't find any info online, but I found this video and the aperture on the lens...
  13. A

    Inconsistent Gaps between neg frames

    Recently after developing my film some of the gaps between my frames are uneven. I am using a mamiya rb67 pro s and im assuming its something wrong with the pressure plate. Any advice or input on what else it could be? thanks!
  14. L

    Looking for recommendations: looking to buy

    I am looking to buy a used medium format camera. I am looking for recommendations as to make and model. I have shot on a Lubitel 166 and a Holga 120, so low end toy cameras for the type. I find the focusing of the waist level Lubitel tricky. I would prefer a compact medium format that is...
  15. L

    Question about Rollei 6x7CXL

    I was online reading various postings. Saw one that states that the Rollie 6x7 CXL and Omega LPL 670MXL are the same enlarger and can take or use the same equipment? Is this true? I have a Rollie. I am looking for a 4x5 negative carrier. Omega supplies are much easier to find then Rollei...
  16. WhaleDaughter

    Flexaret VI

    This was this year's birthday present to myself (a little early). I had it checked out and the tech said it's darn near perfect. The only issue is that the top shutter speed is shooting at more of 250 than 400, but it's 50+ years old so I'm fine with that, I can just adjust my exposure. And...
  17. Profoto Man

    MUST SELL!!! Hasselblad H4D-40 Mint Condition under 3,700 shutters

    MUST SELL!!! Back-up camera that just sat in it's case. Has under 3,700 shutters on it. Hasselblad H4D-40 comes with 3 extra battery grips, and extra charger, and view finder. MINT CONDITION, NOT A SCRATCH ON THE CAMERA. The battery grips of course have a couple of scuffs on them, that is to...
  18. JGOB

    Hasselblad 500C/M

    Hey, I'm new to medium format photography but have been looking around to buy a Hasselblad. I'm pretty good at knowing prices for 35mm film camera's but I haven't a clue about medium format film camera's. So I recently saw an add for a Hasselblad 500C/M. The guy send me a snapshot of it, but...
  19. rexbobcat

    More Film: Agfacolor Portrait XPS 160 (expired 2001)

    I had to do A LOT of shadow defogging in Lightroom. The latitude held up really well, though, thankfully. I shot it at ISO 80, which seemed to work pretty well. The fogging was so bad in this one I "salvaged" it with b/w lol A comparison: It's probably not true to what the film...
  20. Bill Thornhill

    Scanned negative IQ

    Hello All I've only recently become aware of people scanning negatives so they can be adjusted digitally. This has rekindled my interest in film, but I wonder if anyone could give me an idea of how good a technique this is as regards to image quality, especially when it comes time to print the...