1. RacePhoto

    Night Sky Photo Mystery

    Mystery Object in my photo. This is just the 1 1/2 hours that it moved from the NW to SE - the arrows show the direction of travel. The stars are actually standing still and the Earth is rotating East which makes the star trails move from Right to left. So this object is going faster, the other...
  2. photoflyer

    Blue Bridge

    @SquarePeg shared a very nice shot of Longfellow Bridge this week. Longfellow bridge at “sunrise” and this motivated me to finally get out and shoot a local bridge I'd been intending to photograph for some time. I have no idea if it even has a name. It is an extension of the 14th Street...
  3. ntz

    Night in old town ..

    Hello, I hope you'll forgive a B&W .. for me it's still landscape & cityscape .. went out with my new (used actually, it's from ebay) Fujifilm X100F 42679 by ntz on ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum 42680 by ntz on ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum 42678 by ntz...
  4. Oliver232

    Drone hyperlapse at night

    I took a new drone hyperlapse video. I was shooting RAW images with an interval of 2 sec.
  5. TWX

    Nighttime Balloon Festival

    A local city had a nighttime balloon festival this evening, at a city park featuring a massive lake. Took the family along for an outing, and since we ended up having to park on the far side of the park/lake anyway, I took the opportunity to take some pictures. I would appreciate constructive...
  6. D7K

    Milky Way over Bezbog Lake

    Bezbog - Directly translates to "Without God" This is shot in near black dark after we returned from the hike; I'm not super happy with the noise in this one, but I love the shot and think the lake and mountain range offers a little depth. Thoughts? D850 - 14-24 2.8 @ 14mm, F/2.8 - ISO1600 -...
  7. D7K

    Stars Trails over Shiroka Laka - C&C

    God damn these gaps! Around 160 shots compiled, ISO640, 20 secs Any advice on fixing these gaps? I used the D850 internal interval timer and was forced with the 1 second delay but these gaps seem too long for that?
  8. P

    Noobee at Night Photography - help please

    I was on vacation at an Inn overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I planned on getting some sunset pictures and was pretty successful with that. About 20 minutes after pitch black, I got an unexpected surprise - a full moon rose over the mountain. I quickly got my tripod and my Canon T5i that I...
  9. Vieri

    Northern lights over Kirkjufells, Iceland

    The amazing northern lights over Kirkjufells, in Iceland. 16 seconds exposure with my Hasselblad X1D & Hasselblad XCD 21mm. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  10. Ginny Dorrington

    Canon G9X

    I have a Canon G9X and am going on a cruise soon. I want to take a photograph of the night sky. There is a place on the ship where you can do this. Can anyone tell me the best settings for this? Thanks
  11. Oliver232

    New York City night timelapse

    Hi, I just finished my newest video, I traveled 2 times to NYC and took 33'000 photos. I used a Canon EOS R, 5D Mark IV and 6D. I hope you like it.
  12. D7K

    The Old Town of Nesebar

    Second stop on our trip was the old town of Nesebar where we spent two amazing nights, This, or very similar, was a shot I've had in my head since the first time I visited here during the day last year.. D850 / 24/70 2.8 / 58mm / f13 / ISO100 / 306 sec
  13. D7K

    Waking at 04:00 ..... Oh I'll do it again!

    So we headed out to the mountain in search of sunrise, and it did arrive again, however, as we walked through the dark, I knew thee galactic centre had visibility until just before 06:00. As we marched through the 6ft of snow I stopped to marvel at the sky, stars everywhere... I set up and...
  14. D7K

    The Halls - Long exposure

    With the dark nights and not much travelling it’s been time to explore the city again, mostly at night which gives chance for some nice long exposure photography. This is a shot of The Central Halls or Halite in downtown Sofia, light streaks kindly provided by the rush hour traffic and trams...
  15. D7K

    Practice Practice, Plan, and practice more..

    So, I wasn't quite sure if / where this topic would fit into the forum, however, please feel free to delete or move the post if it's not suitable here. The reason I have posted here in the beginners forum, is to highlight that planning and practice are key to continued development and success...
  16. lordbaca

    MARE (be as brutally honest)

    This was my first take on directorial photography. I really like the work of Gregory Crewdson and Didier Massard and attempted to create a similar aesthetic based on my childhood fears of aliens. please be as open and honest and give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
  17. T

    Filming distant lights at night time - Any help most welcome

    Hi there, I want to film far away ships at night. Not zooming in but just as they are seen to the eye [as little lights in the distance.] I want it to still be fairly dark but the lights bright, as seen to the naked eye. Can anyone give me any advise? I only have a cannon slr camera [something...
  18. Oliver232

    Sleepless in Lucerne - Hyperlapse

    Hi, I just finished my newest video, it's a hyperlapse. I took 20'000 photos and build it together with LRtimelapse Lightroom and After Effects. I hope you like it.
  19. Kedarnag138

    Portrait - Feedback please!

  20. Nintendoeats

    Night Shots

    I went for a walk last night to practice shooting in low-light. I definitely discovered the noise limits of my camera's ISO. These are the best I think. C+C would be very appreciated.