1. Delhi Beggar Girl

    Delhi Beggar Girl

    Kristian Bertel learned that giving money to child beggars is the least generous thing a tourist can do. Because when we give money directly to child beggars, we actually hurt more than we help. But the imperative to not give money or gifts does not mean we have to turn our backs on them.
  2. P

    anyone shot great video with just iphone? what accessories do you bring with you?

    more of a vlogging style. do you do everything handheld? use gimbal? use a tripod? how were you able to make the video stand out when all the footages out there are using big dslr and other gear equipments of higher quality.
  3. P

    what are your go to lenses for traveling?

    when shooting yourself highlighting the background like standing in front of mountain, lakes, fjord. also when shooting popular touristy attractions and want to capture yourself
  4. NGH

    A couple of days in New Orleans

    Hi I am planning a trip to New Orleans with my family in April of this year. I'll be taking my Olympus and probably one film camera. Wondering if anyone has any tips for the city in terms of good places to shoot; i know there are probably hundreds but wanted to see if you guys are familiar...
  5. P

    Samsung Galaxy S8+, Scenaries, Pics & Vids of Okinawa and Kouri Island

    Once again trying to max out the capabilities of my Samsung S8+ in Okinawa. This time on route to Kouri Island, with afew pit stops along the way: View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size Also...
  6. scott.craig


    I made this exposure on my second visit to this location. Having been familiar from my first visit I decided to immerse myself in the rock pools below the waterfall to create this image with a perspective of looking up and towards the start of the waterfall. After multiple bites from the...
  7. P

    Bears and the smell of film

    I am going on an upcoming trip in the desert where I plan to photograph a community. On their visitor page they insist camera film has a strong odor that might attract bears on their property - see below. Before I pursue further, I am curious: has anyone here heard of this before? Aside from...
  8. H

    Should I buy a camera?

    Hi there, Whenever I’ve been hiking or travelling I’m normally disappointed by my photos when I get home (I use an iPhone 7). I often find it quite difficult to frame landscapes nicely without walking a load to get the shot right, because I can’t zoom without losing the image quality. I’m a...
  9. R

    recomendations for my first camera system: D7200 vs A7 II in 2019

    Hi guys, So, I've spent the last months look into the photography world and trying to decide what to buy as my first "grown-up" camera. I've been shooting and developing my skills with a "capable" Sony compact for the last six years, and I feel like I reached a point in which I really want to...
  10. D7K

    Covered Bridge, Lovech

    Giving my eyes a rest for the sunrise edits! Last weekend was a trip to Lovech to meet up and complete a lens trade. There's not an awful lot in the city to shoot, a small fortress that is mostly gone and the panoramic views from it are nothing special, however, they do have the covered...
  11. M

    Travel photography and great shots/total shots

    Hi all! Just want to drop this question to the forum and see if I am the only one experiencing this, and how others have dealt with it. A very short foreword: I got my first film reflex when I was 8, have started shooting in digital when I was 14 or so with a compact advanced camera, got my...
  12. S

    Travel Photography

    Hi All I would like some advice from professional or enthusiast photographers who do travel photography. I am from South Africa and I am going to Europe in April 2019. I am doing a Contiki tour (So I will be in different European Countries majority of the time then I'm going to Turkey) and...
  13. Joris H

    My favorite photography destination

    I've been traveling for almost a year now so what's better to start posting than showing my favorite destination! Boy washing his buffalos in the Ganges. Varanasi, India.
  14. D7K

    The Batak Massacre

    A few shots taken whilst we were travelling last weekend. The massacre in Batak was a brutal part of the April Uprising in Bulgaria in 1876. Following reaching a "Peace agreement" for the Turkish and Bashi-Bozouk to leave the town in peace on the condition that the town disarmed and following...
  15. S

    Canon EOS 700d lens suggestions

    Hi, I am a beginner and I have a canon EOS 700d. I already own an 18-55mm, 55-250mm kit lens and the 50 mm 'nifty-fifty'. I need suggestions to upgrade my lens kit. My requirements are - a good lens for travel photography with low light photography as a plus(I find the clarity of 18-55 not so...
  16. Modifeye

    Basic Tips for Better Travel Photos

    Hey! I decided to give this whole Youtube thing a try haha. Here is a video I made to help improve your travel shots; the basics! Cheers :1247:
  17. boostinspiration

    Rooftop View

    A selfie from last year overlooking fog from a rooftop in Dubai.
  18. JL385

    Traveling for work to NOLA 2/26-3/9

    Anyone interested in meeting up and getting some cool photos? I'll be traveling into the area for work and i'm bringing my 7d with a 24-70 with a tripod, usually like to grab some HDR, street, and journalistic stuff. I've been to NOLA back in 2010 but i think it would be fun to meet up with some...
  19. mdsphotography

    Tada Gan Iarracht : Cliffs of Moher

    This was taken in late October or 1st of November 2015 during a visit to the beautiful country of Ireland. We were blessed to be able to go and would recommend it to all. When we first arrived at the cliffs you couldn't see anything but a large cloud bank as it rolled over the cliffs but then...
  20. mdsphotography

    Wolfville, Nova Scotia and St. Martins,New Brunswick. Beautiful!

    The wife and I traveled to New England, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia this past October during which time we visited Wolfville, NS where I captured this panoramic shot and one of the two cover bridges in St Martin, New Brunswick.