1. Vieri

    Five states of Kirkjufell, Iceland

    Thanks to my work, I have been lucky enough to be able to go to Iceland at least twice a year since 2017, either running Workshops or for my personal work; I have also been lucky to go in winter, when the conditions you'll find are always extremely different. Every time I go, I try and stop by...
  2. Vieri

    Four in B&W from Death Valley

    Hey everyone! I just got back from over two weeks in the US leading Workshops, a week in Death Valley and one around the Southwest, and while I don't have any new images done yet, since I used my Phase One IQ4 Achromatic back pretty much exclusively during the trip, I got inspired to share some...
  3. Vieri

    Four in B&W from Iceland

    Hello everyone, here's four recent B&W shots of mine made in Iceland with the IQ4 Achromatic digital back & Phase One XT: Thank you for viewing & commenting! Best regards, Vieri
  4. Vieri

    Misty sunrises in Tuscany

    I will be going back again to Tuscany soon, so I thought I'd share a few image of those beautiful landscapes shrouded in mist, at sunrise, taken over the years: ...and one in B&W: Thank you for viewing & commenting, best regards Vieri
  5. Vieri

    Four in colour from the coasts of Normandy & Brittany

    The coasts of Normandy & Brittany are a goldmine of photographic opportunities. The mix of natural landscapes and the work of man, together with the ever-moving Atlantic skies, makes for a truly unbeatable combination. Can't wait to be back this November for more! Here four images in colour...
  6. Vieri

    Four in colour from the Faroe Islands

    Hello everyone, sorry for the long absence, I have been busy traveling first, and getting rid of Covid after - now I am back, with some new colour work from the Faroe Islands! Phase One XT, Phase One IQ4, Rodenstock 32mm Phase One XT, Phase One IQ4, Rodenstock 32mm Phase One XT, Phase One...
  7. F

    Photography: is community college worth it?

    Hi! First things first: my apologies if this is not the right thread! I'm new and I'm not quite sure whether this is the right place to post these kind of questions. I'm in my early thirties and am looking forward to study photography. Since a BFA is out of my league, I was thinking about...
  8. Vieri

    Two long exposures on the coasts of Brittany, France

    I love the surreal feeling created by the use of long exposures in the landscape, as well as the compositional power they provide in terms of the ability to create leading lines out of nowhere. Here two images from the coasts of Brittany, in France, a destination I really love and I can't wait...
  9. Vieri

    The Dolomites in monochrome

    Don't get me wrong, colours are great, but to me there just is something special in the graphic power of a B&W Fine Art landscape. Here two Dolomites landscape with human elements in them: Hasselblad X1D II, Voigtlander Super-Wide Heliar 15mm. 181 sec. Leica SL, Super-Vario-Elmar-SL 16-35mm...
  10. Vieri

    Two from Iceland, while waiting to go back!

    Finally we can travel again around Europe with not too much hassle, and I can't wait to go back to Iceland in September as my first international trip after Covid forced me to stay in Italy for pretty much all the second half of 2020! In the meantime, here are two favourite spots of mine in...
  11. Vieri

    Two sunrises from the Isle of Skye

    This year, due to the infamous pandemic, for the first time in over a decade I didn’t go to the Isle of Skye in late winter, and I really missed it; I scheduled two trips in 2022 to compensate for that, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a couple of Skye sunrises with you. 1/5 sec, f/16...
  12. Vieri

    Two icy images from Iceland

    These days, it is very popular to show the fire side of Iceland, for those lucky enough to be able to travel there to photograph the new volcano. Being hard for me to travel there now, I thought I’d show the icy side of it with a couple of images from my archives. 236 sec, f/11, Hasselblad...
  13. Vieri

    Two different Northumberland moods

    I love Northumberland's landscapes, their mix of human intervention and natural beauty is just stunning. I put together two very different moods here: Bamburgh Castle at sunset Spittal's Pier Both images taken with Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra...
  14. Vieri

    Sgurr nan Gillean, Isle of Skye

    Two images of the mighty Sgurr nan Gillean, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, both taken around sunset at one year difference between them. Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad XCD 45mm & Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters. Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 21mm & Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra...
  15. Vieri

    Dunstanburgh Castle, in Northumberland (UK)

    Dunstanburgh Castle, in Northumberland (UK), after sunset. 6 seconds with my Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 21mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters. Thank you for viewing and commenting. Best regards, Vieri
  16. Vieri

    Storm over St Monans zigzagging pier

    Not being an engineer, I am not sure how effective the bizarre shape of St Monans' pier is to break waves, but I assume it works. What I am sure of, on the other hand, is that photographically speaking the pier is a truly inspiring work of concrete! 2 seconds, Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad 30mm...
  17. Vieri

    Two from Loch Lomond, in Scotland

    Loch Lomond is a beautiful loch, and I love to stop there on my way from Glasgow to Glencoe & the Isle of Skye, when I have a chance. Here two sunsets on the Loch, taken two years apart. First, a 2020 image, 3/5 of a second taken with my Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 21mm and Formatt-Hitech...
  18. Vieri

    Reynisfjara, Iceland, near and far

    When I am working on the landscape, if the weather and the scene allows I love to experiment with different focal lengths, looking for compositions inside a composition. This is Reynisfjara, in Iceland, at sunrise on a stormy day: 4 seconds, Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and...
  19. Vieri

    Two lighthouses in Cornwall

    I love photographing Cornwall under all weather conditions, the Atlantic weather creates some amazing light shows - sometimes, the colours in the sky are so saturated that you actually need to tone them down in post-processing, rather than enhancing them. Trevose Head's Lighthouse, in...
  20. Vieri

    Two misty sunrises on the Tuscan hills

    I love Tuscany in every season, but especially so in the fall or spring, when mist can transform the landscape & the mood of your photos completely. Sunrise on the hills, 1/40 sec., Leica SL, Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm, Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Tuscan Sunrise, 1/50 sec...