1st Ever Baby Shoot.


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Jun 22, 2011
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Lincoln, England
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I never intended to shoot babies. However, "the best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft a-gley." When a friend and early customer asked me to photograph her 9 week old baby I found I was unable to say no. I excused myself by telling myself I needed a new challenge.

Baby Olivia was very good, as babies go, though getting her to smile was a challenge beyond me and the battery of cuddly toys my wife dug out of the attic. Even the face we created for my lens out of an old hair scrunchy, a couple of big eyes and a red felt smile didn't seem to float her boat.

Overall I'm not unhappy with the results and I think I learned from the experience. Here's one from the set (shot yesterday afternoon), one of my personal favourites. It's been through lightroom 3.4 and some basic PSE work but could probably use some more fine tuning.

C&C will be much appreciated as well as tips from those more experienced (most of the world) in this genre. I notice there's some distortion on the basket, is that because of my camera angle?

Thanks in advance.

nice shot! i've heard getting babies to smile for photographs can be terribly difficult. friends have told me that over here what baby studios sometimes do is to hire extra "mommies" on their crew who specialize in getting the babies to smile/laugh.
Plenty stunning and adorable photo shot of baby photo, fabulous image with excellent pose of this baby. Feeling gratitude to visit here and after seeing this I feel interesting for taking baby photographs.
Thanks. :)
Here's the lens face thing we created, I'm pretty sure I saw something like it once but don't remember where. This is SO easy to make! With some children it may even work! :lmao:


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