1st try green screen, posing and lighting

Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by Canon Fan, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Here is a test I did this morning to test a couple of things at once. I should have stuck to just one! Unfortunately the only model I have is me right now so this was an increadibly hurried pose as I scuffled back to my chair after tripping the self timer. Also I had to go duotone because I was sitting too close to the background and got a green halo :oops: Also the batteries went dead in my fill slave when I set up and I didn't have any more so I had to get really creative with a white wall and cardboard reflector for the fill so the lighting is still very wrong for this type of shot. Luckily I was able to fix some of it in post but I want to learn to get it right IN the camera! Also the posing is I think better but still needs work (but partly because I hate being in front of the camera, it just seems un-natural!).

    Don't be too harsh on me! But, what do you think? Am I getting anywhere?


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    It looks like you have the on-camera flash firing, so there's actually too much fill, flattening the image. It appears you have the main positioned correctly, but you're getting little benifit from it due to the overpowering fill.

    I don't remember... are you using the 10D? What lights?

    Yes, you are getting somewhere, but there's further distance to travel.

    I do like the background, and the model is fine too.

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    It's much better than I could have done. What is your method for extracting the background? I have a blue chroma key muslin and want to try that soon. Post some more when you take them.

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