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Nov 13, 2007
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If I were looking to replace my Nikkor 18-55 (kit lens) what would be a good replacement? I know that is a broad question and leaves endless answers but I am looking for something in the same focal range though with VR (if Nikkor). I actually like the 55-200 lens I bought at the time. I call it kit but got a % off if I bought it with the camera.
A Good walk around lens is what I am shooting for. 28-135 range wouldnt be bad. I just ordered my 50mm 1.8 and am about to order a 10-20 for wide angle landscape. As for Prime lenses, what are best for portrait or full body shots? Better to use a zoom? I bought the 50 because it is cheap and I can learn my way with it.

Part 2: Flash.... I am looking at the nikon 600 and 800, also two of sigmas. 530 and the other I cant recall. Any suggestions? Should I just spend the money and get the better of them and be done? I dont want to regret buying one only to out grow it shortly.

I hope this all isnt to vague. Still a newbie. :blushing:
the lens all depends on your budget, but everyone i know who has the 24-70 uses it all. the. time.

for prime lenses, i prefer the 85 1.4....it's just a super lens. i have the 50 1.4 too and i love it as well. i find the primes to be better for portraits, but that is a personal preference thing because i shoot really shallow and the zooms don't open up to 1.4.

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