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May 15, 2010
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Last week I went with my roommate to her friend's barn to take pictures. It was about 1PM, so light was kinda harsh. I definitely need more practice, but let me know what you think so far =)



I think you've got a good start here; as far as the lighting goes, well, you do the best you can, and you've done well. My two comments would be: 1) Try and avoid the direct profiles and go for more of a 3/4 profile which will add a little more interest, and 2) try using a larger aperture to achieve a shallower DoF in order to separate the subject from the background more clearly.
1. IMO Too much empty space on the right. I probably would have swiveled my body to the right some and tried to fill the frame more.

2. I love the action shot, but the background is distracting! I wish that it would have been blurred just a little bit.

3. Same as #2
as said by everyone else, a little more DOF in the last 2 would be nice, and maybe try getting in front of the horse and off to one side when its jumping and shoot up at it, would be a nice perspective i think
Thanks all! I'll try to get some better angles when I go out there again. In the meantime, I have (what I think) is a cool lookin' photo. I just had to re-edit it because the first time the horse looked a little plastic. The second is (obviously) an edit of the very first photo.


And the edit of 1 (b&w plus eye out of centre) is also better now!
Thanks all! I will definitely try some different angles. I also need to play around with focusing. I set the camera to focus in the middle of the frame, and tried to crop them keeping the rule of thirds in mind. It didn't always work, though. Sometimes if I followed that rule I'd be cropping extremities off :no smile: Oh, and something I forgot to mention earlier -- most of these were shot wide open @ f/4.5. I think I was just too far from the subject to get any blurring of the background. Maybe I'll try again with my 18-55mm because with my 55-200mm I was constantly backing up to get everything in the shot.

Thanks again for the help!

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