5D III + 580 EXII + FlexTT5 + AC3 ZoneController


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Jun 9, 2012
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Hi there,

I'm now currently owning the following product:
_ Canon 5D III
_ 3 x 580EX II
_ 4 x Flex TT5
_ 1 x AC3 ZoneController

I'm a wedding photographer, so having a on-camera flash is a must to have for me personally. The setup I'm trying to figure out is to trigger both on-camera and off-camera flash while still having AC3 ZoneController to control the output of the off-camera flash.

Here is my setup:
_ 1 x 580EX II on top of my 5D III's hot shoe
_ Flex TT5 with AC3 ZoneController mounted on top, connect to the camera via PC cord sync (I stick this combo into the base of my camera)
_ 2 x Flex TT5 with 2 x 580EX II mounted as off-camera flash

However, when I take the shot, only the on-camera flash fires. When I press the "Test" button on the PW+AC3, the other 2 off-camera flashes fire. There is no problem with the PC cord sync as when I did the test (connecting the 580 EXII to the PW via PC cord sync), it works perfectly. I really have no idea how my setup can't work :)

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