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Aug 27, 2004
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Ontario Canada
I haven't been around a ton lately as I've gotten a new job and have been uber busy so I thought I'd post a few together here.

On my way to work:


On my way home from work:


and one from last week-end ... this was taken in the village of Warkworth during the Sugar Bush Festival they have (didn't actually get shots of the festival itself as the 25lb babe in arms kind of hindered the photo-taking)


As always c&c welcome .. thanks for looking!
great series, what a nice road to work.... i wish my walk to school was like that...
Great work Jen. There is nothing I like to see more then someone stopping on the way to and from work and taking photos. Always take a minute or two to enjoy the country around you. I almost always take a different way just so I can see new things and keep myself fresh.

The church with those clouds are excellent.

I like all 3 shots. I'd be driving off the road if the view was that nice. Given the time the sun rises in these parts, you start pretty early, doncha.
Excellent series Jen. The last one is stunning.
It's great to see you post again errant star. All 3 are very nice photos, I really love how the clouds are flaring in the 3rd shot. Awesome vanishing point in #2 also.
A series of great photos i like it very much..i love the clouds of the last one..i like it..

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