a cliche idea?


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Jul 19, 2007
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jacksonville, fl
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I was thinking that I would like to do a series on tattoos not so much the whole of the model but the way the tattoo may compliment there body and any significant meaning behind it. I'm sure something similar has been done but is this one of those over used cliché kinda ideas?
I've never heard of it, so that right there means it can't be a total cliché...

...and there's nothing wrong with clichés - how else could JET be a hit band?

But what's up with your sig quote? Is that from a song?
Yup its a song. I love the song because it talks about how children are being pushed to the side and not properly educated. Pregnet. Drugs. So forth. And how the world needs to take care of each other.
Ouch yes the word education should only be posted with a spellechecked post.

The idea doesn't sound cliché to me either. That said even a cliché idea or theme like the endless photos of the Sydney opera house can be original if you are creative enough.
I have a friend who has just done exactly what your describing. He just finished displaying this particular exhibition all over Europe. Ill try to find some of his pictures.
This gentleman did something like it - but from a different angle - in the late 70's. Published as a book which you may be able to still find.
Never worry that something has been done before. Just go and do it from your own point of view.
If the fact that someone else had done it before worried photographers we'd have stopped taking any pictures at all 20 years ago ;)
Do you mean something like this

Around the middle of 2005, a number of bikers were using an online forum to discuss the alarming number of unnecessary motorcycle accidents; avoidable accidents caused by inattentiveness, ignorance, incompetence and failure to exercise due care.

The Think Bike sticker campaign started by Tony Day of Cape Town in the eighties and its short life were discussed, and it was decided then and there to revive the campaign and expand on its goals and methods.
Thanks mainly to the dedication, hard work and leadership of the current chairman, Brian Cannoo, the Think Bike Campaign now has in excess of 500 paid-up members, over 1200 forum contributors, dozens of sponsors and has to date distributed over 100 000 leaflets, over 60 000 bumper stickers, and reached literally thousands of motorcyclists and motorists with its message.

The campaign, while strongest in Gauteng, has representation in Western Cape, Natal and the Free State. It has dozens of trained marshals available for various events such as the 94.7 Classic Cycle race and is deeply involved in numerous other projects such as the annual Toy Run.

i have been working on a self project with my tat in B&W using a self-timer....ill load some shots....
Im actually working on a series in the same vein, but mine uses selective color:


i've always been fascinatedwith that type of photo...how do you capture just the color, or is it a photoshop method?
Its a "photoshop" technique, although I used another program called "THE GIMP" to create this.

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