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Nov 15, 2008
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Near Chicago.
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I'm taking a trip soon and I wanted to get more info from EXPERTS that enjoy shooting HDRs'.

I noticed in my camera's menu, that there are options for bracketing.
1 AE & Flash
2 AE
3 Flash Only
4 WB Bracketing

I was wondering how you all have the best results. I'll be outside, so I don't think I'll need the flash, but I'm curious to see how you all would use flash, if your trying to get multiple exposures too.

With my G9 I tried a little HDR shooting. I only used 3 photos and simply adjusted the stops manually for each exposure.

I'm taking the manual w/ me to work to study up a bit more.
I'm using the D300, if that matters.



I don't use any of those settings. When I want it to auto bracket I just set the number of brackets I want and the bracket EV steps 1EV, 2EV 3EV. etc.

I usually put the camera in Av mode so the DOF doesn't change during the exposures with the only the shutter speed changing.

I would also recommend using the mirror lockup and either the shutter release timer or a remote shutter release all to minimize camera vibration.

Have a good time on your trip and post some images when you return.
Thanks Keith,

I have a remote, and I'll be sure and use it.

Is it common practice to use mirror up for landscape shots? I assumed it was for Macros.

I'll definitely practice before I leave, to see how I much I can improve.

Thx again,

If you are doing HDR photos, bracketing should be done by Auto Exposure (AE) only. The other bracket options are for other situations where you want a range of exposure options (WB for example will vary the color temperature in case you don't trust the camera to get it spot on).
Related question on mirror lockup.

For a D70, the mirror lockup is only for cleaning only? I've looked thru the manual and it doesn't seem like I can lock it up for bulb shots. This is correct?

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