A macro of what?

Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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In the country 60km north of Toronto, Canada
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Too cold & windy to play outside. :(

Oh man Ron, I love this. My friends and I comment on doing this with some of my reverse-lens-macros.

I'll take a stab at identifying this: a chupacabra??? just joking....it looks like sod or something

And I do believe in Canada it is illegal to mention that it is too cold and windy to play outside...I know it is in Minnesota...put an extra trenchcoat on and go sliding down a hill...how long has it been since you've done that? How long has it been since you felt frozen snot?
At first, I thought it might be like a chair or table leg slider...the kind that pops on the end of the leg and the metal teeth hold it on. An old one.. damaged, and very greasy/dirty that has attracted a lot of the fuzz from the sliding material.

But after continuing to look at it.. I don't have a clue! :) Good one!
A spider hiding inside some kind of plant?
This would have so much easier if you would have asked what is this NOT a macro of, to which I would have replied a snowflake or something just as dumb...
It almost reminds me of a fuzzy Sarlacc Pit - but that's just not likely. I'd guess some sort of seed pod or other plant-related item. Perhaps something you found hiding under your couch?
Looks like something organic, maybe a seed pod of some sort?
I'm with nmoody. Looks like aseed pod, but I have no idea what plant it might be from.
I'm with nmoody. Looks like aseed pod, but I have no idea what plant it might be from.

Well you two are close. I posted this on a gardening forum & the first reply nailed it exactly.

Here are a couple seeds from that pod, if that will help you narrow it down. ;)

At first I thought it was Gipsons Leopard hat turned inside out.
Haha! Yeah not much of a gardener but really cool looking! Those are beautiful flowers what ever they are.

More shots from your yard Ron?

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