A moth .. I think


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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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Found this guy on the ground. Had bright red wings and white spots on its back. Made for a good stage shot. I made a soft box out of a Dr. Pepper 12 pack box, some foil, and a trash bag.
Used it here. CC welcome.

I think I need to upgrade my macro lens ... 50mm has a very short focus distance ... hmm, the Minolta AF 200mm f/4 MACRO APO G seems good.

Anyone got a spare one they want to get rid of ?
Looks like some of that butterfly's pixels are broken Bryan.

Moths have feathery antenna.
What are you seeing for the broken pixels? I have noticed some red dots before but they are only in RAW format. hmm Maybe I need a 7D! .. See what your doing to me Ron? lol
Here is a full shot of the bug. I dont know what it is.
Antenna looks like a moth to me rather than butterfly. THose first couple closeups are nice shots. I find that serrated edge look of the antenna to be the dead giveaway for me that it is a moth....see a lot moths with that type instead of the smooth slender antenna of a butterfly.
Yeah I wish I was able to get a ID on it. It was I.treating looking. I have.looked online with no luck. I might try bugguide when get time.
I wanted to do a stack but he was moving a lot and until I get helicon (spelling) stack I want to wait. They have a cool 3d option I want to try too!

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