A 'Murder Tower' to admire


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Oct 29, 2013
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swamps of texas
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Really nice old brick Victorian in Palestine, Tx. Rainy, and blustery today. But that 'tower' begged to get
shot! ;)

Probably even better picks inside. I love older homes.

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Ditto on the shingles but looking at them they are probably good for 30 years.Nice Victorian,would love to own one.
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I lived in a English Tudor in Detroit (English Village) that was spectacular for the wood floors, moldings, plaster cove ceilings, tile bathroom, fireplace(s), etc... Those were the days when men who built homes were master craftsmen. I loved my home but the neighborhood was pretty dangerous and the wife couldn't deal with that anymore, so we moved closer to her family. A good friend of mine lives in a home pretty much identical to one in OP in Detroit (Indian Village). It was truly amazing on the inside, even more so than mine. I had 2500 sq ft, he had like 4500+. This was my home in Detroit, I miss it but not the issues with break-ins and thievery.View attachment 112040

Tile work in bathroom shower.
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Sorry, I backed out thread. I thought you might like seeing that in relation to your photo.

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