A night in the studio


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Jan 12, 2015
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I've not done much studio work, in fact this is only my 3rd time, the image with the bike I'd from my second session and ibtook my bike as a prop.
What do you guys n gals think?

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Should probably say that the first 2 pics have no post processing and the 3rd was just changed to mono

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The first one seems odd to me. Her expressions looks like she's in pain holding a pose. The fact that we dont see her right arm make the photo seems weird add the weird looking knees under the dress and it just make it look to my eyes like she's also missing a pair of legs. For me it's not working. I don't like the second picture expression either and would have cropped a bit tighter (lot of space over her head). I have nothing to say about the third one, I like it, the crop is a bit too tight, but I like the photo, B&W work well, nice contrast.
Overall I like #1. Maybe a few spot removals here and there on the floor to the left and on the wood also on the left, and one black dot on the 2nd to top stair.
#2 a better crop would be nice, probably portrait. I also wish something better was done with her hair. The hair looks lovely in #1, but does not appear any attention was given to it in #2.
#3 I agree it's a little too tight. I would like to see her entire hand and probably the entire front tire, as well as the back of the bike.
1) looks like a pained expression (just fell down the stairs?)
2) seems close, but the pose or lighting seem to keep it from working for me.
3) I like this the best, but for the fingers and knee cut off on the right. The shoe is also OOF while the bike motor is in focus, like a blur was added rather abruptly.
The first image reminds me of images posted by another popular poster here but your subject is more attractive. I like all of the photos. Well done.

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