Aargh! No! A sunset!


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Feb 1, 2004
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And an old one at that!
Upon going through some old files, I came across this photo, which is about a year old now (taken on one of the two days with snow that we had last year in winter - snow still being unknown in THIS winter, though), and I thought "Hey, I sort of like this one, I might share it on TPF." So that's what I'm doing now:

Ooooo, I like this one. I've always thought iced over landscapes were one of the coolest things ever and combining them with nice sunset and stream makes this a great picture for me. Great job!:thumbup:

The only thing I'm not crazy about is I wish the trees on the banks of the stream weren't lost in the background trees.
You are certainly right about the trees on the banks getting lost in those of the background. Hmph. Well, no amount of post processing was able to remedy that flaw. I tried. But I didn't want my pp-work to really SHOW, of course, and I would have produced haloes had I gone any further. So I left it like that.

That part of the river used to be one of my most visited spots for photography all throughout 2006 and part of 2007, but after that I have never been there anymore. I should go back!
I like this too, the splash of colour in the sky and the sunset set off the icy foreground nicely....enough to compensate for the loss of detail in the trees for me.
I like how bits of the reflected sunset makes it look like bits of ice are on fire, very interesting.
WOW!! Good thing you went back and found this picture, i would blow up and frame this one beautiful!!
Great picture LaFoto! I am a sucker for sunset pictures!

Hey if you want snow, I will send you all the snow you want. We are getting a nasty storm right now! :(
You have all the good things in this shot. I really like the way the river bank and the clouds lead to the left. Makes me want to go read some Robert Frost.
I like the way you framed this. Would add a Title.
Hey, thank you all for your replies, and thank you, Walter, for pointing out what it is (exactly) that made me think about this one "Hey, it might be show-worthy, after all", i.e. the fact that all seems to be pulled towards the left.

It was Hertz who once explained to me that in pictures our eyes like to be guided from right to left, i.e. in an anticlockwise circle (and not from left to right, like our way of writing would suggest) ... so maybe it actually applies!?
nice :) I do like the contrast between ground and clouds and the clear division of the image into several areas.

also, nice mood generally
absolutely love it

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