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    Mar 9, 2004
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    I am new to photography and I just bought a Nikon N75 Quartz Date. I had some questions about accessories for my camera.

    Flash: I have determined that buying the right flash is harder than buying a camera. Since I am new, I neeed a flash that will work automatically with the camera. When I set the camera to auto and auto flash, I want the flash to do the work for me. From my understanding, there are at least 3 types available (for use on the camera). Manual (which I don't think I want), automatic (I believe the flash automatically decides when to fire?) and TTL (I think this one syncs with the specific camera?) If my definitions are accurate, I am I think I need a TTL flach. Please correct me if I am wrong. Should I get a Nikon brand flash or are there other brands that will work with my camera automatically? I would like to stay under $100 for the flash. Also, are there other things I should keep in mind when buying a flash like different power or other settings on the flash unit? Please recommend a brand and type of flash.

    Case: I want a case that will hold my camera body with an attached lens. another lens, flash, film and any other gadgets you recommend I should buy. What kind of case do uou recommend?

    Lens Filters: What are the basic lens filter I need to get started? What size of filter do I need for my camera? I have read somewhere that one of these filter can be kept on the lens to protect it. Which one is that? What brand should I buy?

    Lenses: I have seen a lens doubler to double the power of a lens for around $70 - $80. Do you recommend these or should I stay away?

    I live in the Atlanta, GA area. The only local store I know of is Ritz Camera. Are there any other large photo stores around the area? Also, Ritz sells alot of Quantaray brand products. Are these good products or should I stick to other brands?

    Thanks for all of your help.

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    im not a big fan of quantarray. I would stick to b and h or adorama(see convienant link below)


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