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Aug 31, 2008
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My wife is starting to sell her crafts and asked me to take a few pictures for craigslist. I am a complete novice and have not really switch out of auto mode from my D90. I have no real lighting just the built in flash. I will purchase the SB900 in two weeks.





The background is distracting for me, what with all the wrinkles. On camera flash is not really good to use, but if it's all you have to work with.. I would suggest upping the ISO if you need to, or use a slower shutter speed (as long as you can keep the camera steady (i.e tripod)).

If you have PhotoShop I would suggest doing some post-processing to get more vibrant colors.
First, turn off your camera flash. You can hang a large black cloth (buy a few yards of cheap fabric at fabric store and iron it) and then photograph these lovely creations with window light. Place each one on a little table in front of the window, the window light will be a side light, your camera on a tripod.

You'll need several feet of separation between the vases and the backdrop. You can use a piece of white foam core (get your wife to hold it) on the opposite side of the window light to kick some light back on to the shadow side.

The problem with these pics is the "even bright light" and the closeness of the backdrop (and the light color of the backdrop). You need some character in the light, and you'll get that with window light. You also need a dark background, which is more romantic and dramatic than a light background. Good luck.
Thanks for the advice. I am headed to the store tonight to pick up some foam core and a few yards of a black and a grey fabric for back drops. I am looking forward to some testing.
Post again when you get the new shots. Also, the exact same setup will work well for portraits. Keep in mind, depending on the size of your window and overall room brightness, some light will probably hit the backdrop, making it a little lighter than its color. Good luck!

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