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    I'm new here so I'm not to sure if it is okay to be posting this sort of question but, I am looking to buy a new camera I have had a fairly basic Sony cyber-shot DSC-S730 (compact camera) Its not the greatest but I feel I'm ready to move to something better.

    I have been doing a lot of research into bridge cameras, and feel that these would naturally be the next step up. Only problem I'm having is which on to buy, I have mainly been looking at Panasonic's bridge cameras after being told they are very good quality, the Lumix FZ50 to be specific.

    Is this a good buy I have seen many reviews and just wanted to hear what the users of it thought or any other suggestions.

    I'm looking for a camera with a good optical zoom and close to the feel of an SLR. I would like to have a lens with manual focus and also for the zoom and the focus to be on the lens barrel :p

    Other then the points stated above any thing that is close to professional standard yet still easy for learners :)

    On a side note I would like to get a Raynox super macro for which ever camera I get, not to sure on the information on this weather it would work with a bridge camera or not...

    Thanks for any suggestions

    Sorry about the copy right infringement :)

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