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May 6, 2007
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I need advice on where to buy a canvas backdrop that is preferably 10' wide by 9' tall, im thinking a grey pattern so I can use color gels to change the backdrops color until I can afford more backdrops.

Ive seen them here and there, but they are around $500. Im thinking more like $100 or less.

Ive been using sheets currently, but they are a pain since they show every single wrinkle, even after being ironed.

If you're looking for an inexpensive backdrop you might want to look for some sort of plastic cloth, which you can clean and reuse over longer periods. Canvas tends to get dirty and is very hard to clean because of its texture.
I did a search and found some links to adorama, but the muslin I found for $50 that was 10'x12' or so was all wrinkly in the picture. Not exactly the best sales pitch on their part.
My daughter gets rolls of background paper from her local camera shop. They are about 10 ft wide. I think they are in you price range and come in many colors and patterns, including white.
If you're really cheap (like me) you can buy a king size bed sheet from Walmart for around $10.
Been there, done that, spent hours in photoshop "ironing" out the wrinkles of the bedsheet. I even ironed the bedsheet before putting it up, but its so big it created more wrinkles as it went on the floor after being ironed.

I was hoping to get a thick enough canvas so there wont be any wrinkles, and save me 25% of my ps time, thus paying for itself in no time. :)

carpets can have pretty intersting designs to them, and dont get wrinkles. Its to bad thier so expensive, and so heavy, to heavy for my portable backdrop. :)

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