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Apr 9, 2007
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Hey guys im keen on getting a new, more advanced camera. For the last year I've been using a canon powershot A430. Its been good but theres a few things I really don't like about it.

:thumbdown:-The main thing is the (is it shutter speed?) time it takes to take photos. I like taking pictures of skateboarding and the snap time is crucial cause if its a split second to late the picture looks crap, or i miss the trick and on the powershot on the highest speed it still takes its god damn time.

:thumbdown:-Other main things i dont like is the look of it. I know i shuldn't judge on looks but the hole thing makes me embarssed to take pictures with when i see other people flopping out their cameras then i pull out mine with the blue lined front haha.

Heres the thing i do like about it

:thumbup:-Great super macro (Ill try upload some pictures with this to show the capablity)

Anyway! I'm thinking about purchasing a new camera on boxing day, seeing as there will be sales and I would of gotten paid for my new job and hopefully would of got some money from christmas ;)

What do you recommend? I want the next step up camera if you know what i mean. More intermediate to Advanced camera. But not toooo pricy. Some of the cameras i was looking at made my bank account feel tiny :lol:

And also (this may be a really stupid question seeing as most of my photos suck) but how to you go about making money of shots you have?Can you sell them or do you go about them getting published or something? Just out of curiostity ;)

Or should i just stick with the powershot A430 and get over the little negatives about it and buy myself a much needed car?

Any advice, any tips, anything would be much appritated!
What kind of camera?..
If DSlr (which Is of course what we will all reccomend) then try the Canon Rebel XT.
I bought one, I also skateboard very often. Sole reason I bougt the cam is for skating and our website.
Shutter speed is indeed what you will need priority on for skating, usually 1/250 will be fine, the XT goes up to 1/4000th but thats not too realistic in every day use to my experiences. Usually 1/1000th and an Iso of 1/200 does good. Low grain, crisp picture and focus.
PM me if you want, ill send you some sample un processed pictures of what I have taken with it and the kit lens.
And heads up, has great prices on them along with B&H. ~500 or so.

On a last note, you definitel wont be embarrassed to pull this baby out either..but be careful and get a case!
What is your budget if you could I would try and get a dslr this is probable the best for a budget and it is a good little camera If this is to much you may want to think about a panasonic FZ-50 it can also do well to learn on.
The 400d is a good camera for a beginner, personally i used it and it was a lil too small, felt like a toy but thats just because im a fussy bugger. If your budget will stretch a 30d or even a 40d (i shoot on the 30) would be great! I have only taken a couple of skating shots but i imagine a flashgun would do you well if theres room for one in your budget.
thank you guys so much for all of that. Ive checked out a few local sites (I'm from New Zealand), and the Rebel XT looks to be a little out of my price range, yet where ever i ask thats always the one that point me to. Ill just have to save a little harder, forget buying a car, and hope my friends and family are generous at christmas :)

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