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Sep 16, 2010
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Hey guys,

So im buying my first slr camera and dont really know alot about it so im relying on you guys to help me make a good choice :) no pressure or anything :p lol

i have done a bit of study on what i think my choices are between im buying in australia off ebay and spending about $500 australian so if you know of any better deals you could let me know :p

so heres the debate :

Canon 300d rebel with 18-55mm kit

Canon 1000d with 18-55mm kit (this one is from hong kong so is a bit of worry)

Canon 350d with 28-90mm and 75-300mm lens'

Canon 350d with 18-55mm

Canon 400d with 18-55mm

Hope you guys can help me cause it has become a harder decision than i first thought lol

Cheers Rob...
Any of those are fine as a first dSLR and don't have much in the way of significant differences. The condition of used equipment has a large bearing on it's market value.

Obviously the 350d with 2 lenses may have more value than the others.
Are thoses lenses any good though? Ill be taking photos of landscapes, animals and surf probably some distance shots of surf which i guess the bigger lens would be good for? Or would the 18-55mm lens do all this just as well because the 300d rebel is acttualy new so i would buy that if that lens is better than the other 2?

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