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Oct 2, 2009
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Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NFLD, Canada
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Just a quick inquiry...

any tips on taking pics from an aircraft? I'm going up this morning for a flight out to the Quebec / Labrador border.

Last time I was up in the Twin Otter all I had was a cellphone camera. This time I'd like to get some better shots.

Oh, for those that don't know, this is a Twin Otter.


I'll post some pics when I get back later this afternoon. :)
from the air? window open or not? if it's at all hazy count out getting really good photos even from a low altitude.
you want the windows open for the best shots but to do that you want to have a really good strap and a death grip because of turbulance.

the best photos you'll see from the air are taken with from inside a bubble mounted below the plane

here's some unedited shots of mine taken through small plane window on a hazy day. I edited one (not posted) to be much better but it will never be as good as if there wasn't a cockpit in between
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as to that airplane photo you posted there's nothing special about it. it's gray with a gray sky and gray ground behind it.
^ lol i didn't say the pic was special. just illustrating what i was going in for those that weren't familiar. ;)

So basically as this was our off-strip machine, the windows were kinda ****e.

Here's a couple that turned out alright.


#1 Captain Cox on our departure from Goose Bay.


#2 Things getting a little more barren as we head NW towards the Quebec Border.


#3 Speedair 980 at the Border Beacon.

Really wish I had a better lens in this range. Unfortunately had to use my Kit Lens for this trip.

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