Almond Tree Blossom in San Francisco


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Apr 21, 2021
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If you want to watch the video version, please go to my Youtube Channel link:



Looks like a soft filter is on the lens?
The last 1 is distracting because of the branch in foreground. Were you trying to focus on that bud, and leave background out of focus?
Looks like a pretty place to try again.
Compositions are nice, especially the second. I think the third with the branch in the foreground would work better with the branch in focus, not the background.

The processing seems fairly overcooked, however.
Pretty trees and a great location. They are a bit on the bright side but I know we don’t always get to choose when we can have access to places like this. I think the brightness did well to overcome the shadows I see in the video and I like the light and airy look but it’s just taken a bit too far. The only thing I see out of focus is the branch in the last one. But I am only on my phone.

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