Am I a Decent Photographer?


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Oct 9, 2011
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I've been playing around with photography for about four months now. My friends love my work but I feel like they are biased because they are either in the photo or they are my friend. I've seen many amazing pictures in the forums that I can't compare with. Am I headed in the right direction with my photos? I consider these my best/favorite ones.





You can find the rest here
I like #3. Kind of different and refreshing. Tired of flowers and bugs. lol
Nice levitation in 2, probably my fave of the bunch, Thanks for sharing ~
Just need time behind the camera! Looks pretty decent for four months.... Love the dog shot!

I played around with it... hope you don't mind! Wanted to see what it would look like as grainy B&W! Great dog!


(wow.. looks a lot darker here than it does on my monitor...)
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you seem to have a decent eye for composition, but may need some refining on technique

for example the second one is a bit soft, and i feel like you cropped a bit too close to the eyes
I think Marmots means the third one.. the girl. It does look like you missed focus on that one a bit... and the really blown highlight on the girl's right is very distracting. It draws attention away from her. It is a little tight on the framing.. but that seems to be what you were after, really emphasizing her face (which is why the highlight is bad!) :)

#4 would be better if she was facing you.. same hair and everything.. just facing you, so the viewer can connect to a face.
Having shots like that after 4 months, Id definitely say your headed in the right direction. I like em all. Nice work.
The first one is interesting to me. The eye contact draws me in and the aggressive dog w/ the relaxed people in the back ground is a fun twist.
It seems like you have a thought process behind your shots, so you have a nice start to work from!!
Keep shooting and keep posting!!!
Yep, pretty decent, IMO.

Folks are not too generous with the compliments here. No one ever posts a compliment without saying what you could've done better too.

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