Ambulance Entance


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Sep 16, 2005
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dans la pissoir
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As usual, I'd love to hear your comments and criticisms on this pic.

Thanks for looking

sweet! love the tones Jo :D
nicely composed
Thanks, Mansi, I appreciate it.

Not to highjack my own thread, but I really liked your fashion series...I never got a chance to write a response, but rest assured that I LOVE looking at beautiful Indians in attractive clothes!

Thanks again
oh stop sucking up...Mansi's way out of your league :mrgreen:

i like the shot jo. nice tones and very "clean" looking...if that makes any sense to ya.

whatcha doin' tomorrow?
Very excellent Jo. Nicely done!!!
I really like the tones! I find the framing a bit much for this photo though. I think it can stand on its own, or maybe just a simple black line? Just a thought :D
Thanks everyone.

JM, I am thinking of an outing tomorrow...we'll see...just depends on how work goes.

Alison, I'm still learning how to do framing and what looks good, so I appreciate your comments on the framing!

Mansi, don't listen to JM, you are SO not out of my leage (Besides, Billy Joel has a lovely song about downtown boys dating uptown girls :mrgreen: )

Chiller and Dan, thanks (just didn't want you think I left you out :) )
nice shot jocose... love the tone and the buildings... that brickwork is great... good eye on the comp, with the wall and the buildings... not really sure what i am trying to say... i just like it... :thumbup:
First of all, thanks again everyone for the coments, I appreciate it.

Second of all, no problem that y'all don't like the frame, I'm still trying to find THAT frame that will work great (and still trying to learn how to do them in PSE :lol: ). As such, can I get a little more clarification on what you don't like? Is it the shadow thing behind the pic? Is it the black ring around the edge? Is it the white border?

Also, any suggestions for improvement would be great.

As always, I thank you all for your help.
jocose said:
Is it the shadow thing behind the pic? Is it the black ring around the edge? Is it the white border?

ha, i didn't even notice the border. it could be that some find them distracting when viewing on a computer. you want your image to speak for itself without all the bells and whistles.

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