Ana (sexy but dressed - swimsuit)


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Dec 30, 2010
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San Jose, CA
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Sunlit and Beauty Dish filled. Sigma 85mm f2.2 1/125 B+W 3 stop ND



_POR0159-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr



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_POR0185-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr
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Yes Robin, I have almost 600 frames from the day's 2 location shoot. I see nothing wrong with her left (our right) breast though...I think you just have a hard time saying good job! :D
Trever, something looks a little off to me. I think it is the skin tones that is doing it but it may just be the beauty dish lighting the face and chest. When I first look at it, I get the impression that the head was photoshopped on.

Could be just me though. I feel that I'm cross eyed from editing some portraits that I took over the weekend.
When I first look at it, I get the impression that the head was photoshopped on.

Could be just me though.

Not just you - this is nice, but I think she's doing something odd with her neck, perhaps pulling her head back and to her right. She doesn't look quite relaxed and is there a bit too much skin smoothing on the face? Or is it just the lighting?
Her left boob (our right) does not look flattering from this angle.

This one looks flat vs the other side. LOL.
Her right breast is looking right at you and because of the turn of the shoulders, her left breast will naturally point towards another direction. Even if she had them augmented, this will still occur. There is plenty of definition of the cleavage, so I can't understand your comments. There are only two trestles of hair that are on top of her breast, while the remaining are mostly behind, much to your preference. Again, I can't understand your comments.

Nice work Trever. Thanks for sharing.
been looking at this one...but i just cant see any issues with her neck OR her breasts. its just how breasts look when her torso is turned that way.
her neck has just the right amount of shadow, and I actually like how her hair falls over her shoulders. her stance is perfect for this one Trevor, very nicely done! :thumbup::thumbup: WAAAY up!
From the angle of her body, her right boob almost makes her look like a cyclops (one boob, dead center of her chest), and her left boob "vanishes" a bit where the hair/swimsuit/arm meet.

It is probably my tired, old eyes, but her face appears slightly OOF.

I also think it would look a bit more natural if her head were moved slightly to her left, our right, so that it is slightly more centered on her body.

These are just nits by the way. You know I like your work. :thumbup:
#2 is great!!! I thought the same about the breast in 1.
#2 is much better.

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