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Mar 4, 2005
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Hoorn, The Netherlands
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...i had enough of learning, so i went to the bird demo again. Had a blast. Also heard some nice news. I may be able to do my internship there (thats work for school right?) and there may be made some postcards and the bird dude is gonna ask the guy who does that stuff, if he can use some of my photo's for it :mrgreen: does a happy dance.

Anyways here are some pictures:










You can find more pictures right HERE

Thanks for looking
Greetz Daan

edit: works better with numbers
You got some sweet shots, as usual! And that's some awesome news ya got there! :D

Oh, and 4 is my fave. Nice job Daan!! :D
sweet shots..... im really diggin number 7, its not often you get to see bird in flight from that angle.... his wings look awsome.... good stuff :thumbup:
Man oh man, what great captures you got there! Does the raptor in #2 ever look FREAKY with that lens down. Great series (and I also enjoyed the other pics on the link you provided).
Daan, that vulture-shot with his inner eyelids closed is creepy! Whoa!
You are really beginning to love that place, don't you?
And it shows that practice makes you master of things (as a German saying says), your photos are getting better and better. Congratulations on the postcard-offer. I have hoped for years that someone would just accost me and say: "Hey, shan't we put your pics into print on viewcards?" but somehow this just does not happen ;).
Thanks Corinna :)
And i loved it since the first time i set foot in that place. Else i wouldnt have gone there so often.
Indeed, practise makes master (allthough master is a big word :mrgreen:) first time there i was moving the camera around like a frog on LSD. But now i take my time and give the camera more time to focus, watch the lightmeter better and so on and so on. Became more calm.
The postcard offer isnt a sure thing yet. Really hope it will be though. Have to look into the price thing a bit then, i guess.
Ah well, thats something for later. Now im gonna do some schoolwork again. Got an exam on monday.....and wednesday........and thursday.

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