Anybody used a Bessa R2/3?


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Dec 10, 2007
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I want to get a rangefinder camera, but can't afford a Leica. I honestly don't know much about what's out there as far as rangefinders go, but i've seen the Voigtlander Bessa cameras and they look like they might be a good alternative.

Does anybody have any thoughts on these? Are they worth the money? I mean, for the price of an R2/3 with 50mm lens, I could upgrade my d70 to a d300 body, but something about what i've seen and read about rangefinders that makes me want one.
Yes, I have the R2a with the 35mm / f1.7 Ultron, and yes, in my view it is worth the money. It feels solid, the viewfinder is excellent, the lens is great and it is much, much cheaper than a Leica. If you want a new rangefinder then the only other choice I can think of is the Zeiss Ikon, which is quite a lot more money.
Thanks for the info. I am seriously thinking about going for it.
YES YES YES! Good cameras... I would recommend the rangefinder coupled, M-mount bodies. The Voigtlander lenses are great!

Even those finicky Leica shooters like them...

May I suggest for a lot of information.

One of my fav's is the 28mm f1.9 ultron. great street shooter. Low light? can't beat the 35mm Nokton. Paint scratches easily buy who cares... shoot

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