Anyone a fan of ringflash?

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Mar 18, 2011
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I found a paul c buff ABR800 for $150 on Craigslist along with another Alienbee B800 for $100. If anything I might check out the B800 just for the hell of it... It wouldn't hurt to have 3 B800's would it?
I've never used one, but from the shots I've seen, I like the light very much, but really dislike the catchlights - it makes the subjects look like zombies to me.
Buckster, I agree. The catch light can be lovely! but most of the time I think it makes the model/person in the picture to have almost a zombie-ish look!
I see no use for them in fashion or beauty photography, because the catchlights look god awful.

The real reason to have a ringflash is if you're doing macro work.
I love mine. I don't use it as much as I could be its a great powerful light. indeed the catch lights are different but it has it use. Make's a great rim light, hair light. You remind me that i haven't used it in about a year or so lol

here is use the ring flash for fill, in a 5 light setup.


here was a 2 light setup.
ring flash on camera around a 50mm.


here it was a ring flash only shot. mounted on camera
I think I could have fun with one, but never owned one myself.
I feel like it would be fun to play around with but I don't see myself using one consistently enough to pay $150 for it. Although I feel it's a heck of a deal
You could get some interesting retroreflective stuff with it, retroflection with polarization could make for some very interesting effects.
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