Anyone buy from Vistek?


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Aug 22, 2008
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I'm looking at buying some stuff from, but the reviews I've found online are ... varied. Some people have reported great experiences, others say they've had a crap time.

Can any fellow canucks here report on there experiences with Vistek?
I've bought a few things, directly from their store here in Edmonton. No problems at all. I've never ordered anything on-line from them though.
Vistek - - Reviews, Ratings and Prices at ResellerRatings

seems that its best to phone in and make the order -and comfirm everything first - rather than trust their website (which seems to have listing problems for older gear) They also seem to either be slow or have slow wearhouses since they can take a long time to get stock in

Phone me! My names Adam and I work at the Mississauga Store.

You can place an order from any of our stores and we will ship to you. :)

Im sitting at my desk right now actually, haha

905-593-9480 ext. 2100
Vistek prices tend to be high, so I only buy from there, if I cannot find the item anywhere else.

Thanks for all the tips, guys. I've heard of most of those other places, but sometimes you can't find what you're looking for at different places.
I find vistek to be the most reasonable of the legit cdn operations.... they always seem to be cheaper than Henrys

I've ordered lots of little stuff online with them..... no issues.. fast..

I don't order pricey lenses online... I usually drive to henrys and make them price match vistek... (i live closer to henrys)
Been there once, and probably wont go back again. I found the prices higher, and the sales dude tried to upsell me to stuff I didnt want or need, and baffle me with talking way over my head. I have never had a problem with Henrys.
As for an online store, I have used Camera Canada a few times, and had good experiences all 3 times. :D
Sounds like you are having a blast Adam! Slow day? :lol:
I use to work the front desk at the smaller Calg. location
Yeah, that so sucked didn't it? :p

I ordered my first SLR from Vistek.. shipping took quite some time, considering I only lived a few hours from their store. I'd probably never order from them again.... but that's also due to working at The Camera Store and I can get anything I need/want from there :p

Order from us, we don't charge PST :) (except to Nova Scotia) Thanks for the mention Mike :p

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